$70 Million Dollars in Federal Taxpayer Funds, License Plate Readers on Metro Nashville Council Meeting Agenda


The Metro Nashville Council has released their agenda for their February 1, 2022 meeting. $70 million dollars in taxpayer funds appropriations is on the agenda.

Other topics on the agenda include license plate readers, greenhouse gas reduction, zoning and more.

The issue of license plate readers looks to continue to be a contentious one, as it was at the last council meeting. BL2021-961, the ordinance creating a six month license plate reader pilot program, generated a lengthy discussion and a spirited debate. It originally had six proposed amendments. A late filed amendment was approved and two amendments were withdrawn. After a lengthy discussion, but it initially failed to achieve the required two-thirds vote to move to a vote on the legislation. After discussion was apparently exhausted, it wound up passing on the second reading by a vote of 22-11, with two abstentions.

This license plate reader ordinance will be up for the third reading final vote at the next council meeting and cannot be amended. If the last meeting was any indication, there will likely be more spirited discussion on this issue.

Another important issue that will be considered at the next meeting will be, RS2021-1303, a resolution, “requesting the COVID-19 Financial Oversight Committee to recommend to the Metropolitan Council the appropriation of not less than $70,000,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to be appropriated to the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Community Development for economic development in disadvantaged communities, with particular emphasis on Bordeaux and North Nashville and for funding of the Nashville Small Business Recovery Fund.”

This resolution allocates $25 million a year for two years for “economic development in economically disadvantaged communities in Nashville.” $15 million is reserved for the economic development of Jefferson Street and $10 million is reserved for the North Nashville and Bordeaux community. It also provides $10 million a year for two years to the Nashville Small Business Recovery Program to “support local economic development by maintaining small business operations and creating/retaining employment in Metropolitan Nashville.”

The resolution is sponsored by councilmembers Kyonzte Toombs, Sharon Hurt, Brandon Taylor, and Jonathan Hall.

RS2022-1358, a resolution “adopting a Metropolitan Government community-wide target of an 80% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions from 2014 levels by 2050,” is also on the agenda for consideration. It is sponsored by councilmembers Zach Young, Tonya Hancock, and Russ Bradford.

Other issues on the agenda deal with zoning, zoning exemptions, further allocations of funds, contract approvals, and grant approvals.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “License Plate Reader Camera” by Tony Webster CC BY 2.0.




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4 Thoughts to “$70 Million Dollars in Federal Taxpayer Funds, License Plate Readers on Metro Nashville Council Meeting Agenda”

  1. Steve Allen

    I’m going to predict how this will turn out. Using the readers it will be possible to apprehend more traffic violators. It will be found that a large number of them will be non-white. Thereafter the liberal socialists will start jumping up and down claiming that the police are using racial profiling and apprehending a disproportionate number of non-white people. The plausible reason for the high number of non-white people being apprehended for traffic violations will be swept under the carpet. Can you guess what that reason is? Could it be that they commit a disproportionately higher number of violations? I witnessed this exact issue take place in Vermont.

  2. 83ragtop50

    More BIG money to be flitted away to the mayor’s favorite scams under the guise of helping those who will not help themselves. The only ones recued that came from the falsely named Rescue Plan are the crooks.

  3. nicky wicks

    glad my federal taxes go to pay for this B$



  4. Robin Minor

    Say what you wish but in Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles decides to run for this office, it will be his. He is very popular not only in Maury County but Marshall and Lewis counties as well. Has many political ties to the localrepublican parties I TBE 5th district. He is home.e grown and well liked. Outsiders will not determine this congressional office, we want one of our own!