Republican Kevin Nicholson Launches Wisconsin Gubernatorial Campaign


Republican Kevin Nicholson, a businessman and former Marine, on Thursday launched his Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign.

Nicholson unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in 2018, being defeated by former State Sen. Leah Vukmir in the Republican primary.

“Our state and our society are being torn apart by a shameless and ineffective political class whose leadership failures have destroyed businesses and crushed Wisconsin’s economy. Our children are taught the intellectual poison of critical race theory, which encourages them to hate each other based on their race. Our very notion of law and order is falling apart before our eyes as violent crime skyrockets. Our elections are a mess, and our politicians seem incapable of cleaning them up,” he said in a piece for Wisconsin Right Now.

According to his campaign website, the Republican will focus on a host of issues: Critical Race Theory, E-verify, ballot drop boxes, and mask and vaccine mandates.

Until this point, former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch remained the stand-along frontrunner in the GOP primary competition.

In fact, many Republican leaders preferred the race to stay in that position, arguing she is the best opponent to defeat Governor Tony Evers. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos openly discouraged Nicholson from running for the position.

“We can’t take Wisconsin to new heights if we elect a Governor from the same, tired political class that lacks the vision, ability, and will to fight for the future of our state. Wisconsin needs someone with solutions to the problems plaguing our state – and the leadership skills to implement those solutions,” Nicholson added, seemingly taking a shot at those who oppose his campaign.

Nicholson may have the financial backing needed to do a primary challenge against Kleefisch. Billionaire donor Richard Uihlein promised his “full support and commitment to win the primary and general elections.”

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Photo “Kevin Nicholson” by Kevin Nicholson. Background Photo “Wisconsin State Capitol” by Michael Howe CC BY-SA 3.0.




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