Minnesota GOP Accuses DFL of Illegally Allowing Felons, Non-Citizens to Participate in Caucus Process


The Minnesota Republican Party accused the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party of breaking the law when it allowed felons and non-US citizens to participate in the party’s caucus process.

Republicans pointed to the state’s voter eligibility requirements as a cause for their concern.

The move to allow the non-voters was unanimously approved by the state party leadership, according to a report from The Associated Press.

“Even if folks are not eligible to vote, they should still be able to participate in grassroots politics! That’s why we opened our caucuses up to more Minnesotans!” a tweet from the group read.

A recent state court of appeals ruling allowed the parties to independently decide who is involved in their caucuses and conventions, permitting the groups to ignore voting status.

Despite the ruling, the Minnesota GOP explained voter requirements are specifically spelled out in Minnesota law.

“Citizenship comes with certain rights and privileges. Non-citizens do not have those rights and should not gain those privileges. Citizenship is the foundation of the civic compact. By rejecting citizenship, the DFL has rejected the foundation of our democratic republic,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann.

According to a press release from the group, Republicans claimed that allowing individuals to participate in the caucus and convention process could encourage them to attempt to vote in the general election.

“Having been deeply involved in the election protection efforts over the last several years, I can only say this is a shocking new low for the DFL. As a mother of a legally adopted son from Guatemala, I look forward to the time when my son will be able to exercise his full rights as a citizen to participate in the election process,” added Republican Party of Minnesota Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom.

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