Congressman Mark Green Urges Diplomatic Solution to Ukraine-Russia Conflict, Issues Stark Warning to Putin


Congressman Mark Green, who traveled to Ukraine with other members of Congress, urged a diplomatic resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that included Russia threatening an invasion.

While speaking at a meeting in Kyiv, the Tennessee lawmaker issued a stark warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, if he opts to engage in military action.

“You’ve united NATO. You’ve united the European Union and many people across the globe. And, you’ve united the United States Congress. Republicans and Democrats are here in a bipartisan fashion to show solidarity. This bipartisan trip should be proof enough that Republicans and Democrats agree that a nation’s boundaries should never be addressed or changed by war. If we allow this to go unanswered, every disputed boundary on this planet will be a war zone,” Green warned of the conflict.

Furthermore, in his threat to Putin, Green detailed the U.S. and other countries will enact harsh, crippling sanctions.

“If Mr. Putin continues discussing diplomacy with us—the United States, NATO, our European allies, the people of Ukraine, the leadership of Ukraine—we have made it clear that we prefer a diplomatic solution to this problem. But, if Mr. Putin chooses hybrid aggression or war, the sanctions will be swift, they will cripple his economy. Make no mistake: his people will suffer because of his decisions. The aggressor here is the man lining up the tanks, not the nations who are preparing their banks. To the people of Ukraine, the United States has made it clear: we support your sovereignty, your territorial integrity, your freedom, and your partnership,” he continued.

He went on to claim the U.S. will help Ukraine in any way possible, short of placing American troops on the group.

Green is a staunch critic of the Russian leader. Last year, the legislator introduced a bill to sanction Russia for invading the Donbas Region of Ukraine.

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Photo “Mark Green” by Rep. Mark Green.






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7 Thoughts to “Congressman Mark Green Urges Diplomatic Solution to Ukraine-Russia Conflict, Issues Stark Warning to Putin”

  1. Boot Strap

    Mark Green and his colleagues need to get the American citizens, who are being held against their will and without cause, OUT of PRISON! He obviously has gotten comfy in the district of corruption like all the rest of the oligarchs and fascists and marches to the drumbeat of the demon-fascists. Some of us continue to call for him to act and do something for the people being held for participating in their 1st Amendment rights!

  2. william r. delzell

    I agree that we should use diplomacy, not reckless intervention. Both countries have terrible human rights records, but Russia’s actions, repressive though they are, do not endanger the U.S. Quite the contrary, the U.S. and N.A.T.O. are the REAL aggressors by expanding NATO’s borders all the way to the Russian frontier. It’s a wonder that such east ward expansion has not provoked military retaliation. Russia has centuries of justified fear of land encirclement that the U.S. has never had to contend with from either Mexico or Canada. Just imagine if the now defunct Warsaw Pact was invited by either Mexico and/or Canada to expand its borders next to our land borders or our shores, how would we react? Even more belligerently than Russia is reacting to NATO. If Biden should succumb to hard-liner advice to launch an outright military invasion into Russia as Napoleon and Hitler did, such a move would galvanize Russia into militarily forcing us back westward with terrific casualties on both sides. Obviously, warmongers like Hillary Clinton and Up-Chuch Schumer have not learned this lesson that Napoleon and Hitler had to learn the hard way.

    My final question: are any of the hard-liners like Hillary Clinton and Company willing to risk their own lives by going to the Front to cheer our troops on. Are Hillary Clinton and Company willing to act as human shields for our soldiers before we commit any single ground troop member to danger? Maybe if these hawkish men and women who are eager to risk the lives of others but not of themselves would think twice if they had to make more sacrifices than our troops. The late newspaper reporter Jack Newfield has a name for the likes of Hillary Clinton and Tom Cotton: war-wimp/chicken-hawk!

    1. Steve Allen

      William, for a change I totally agree with you. For the democrats to get us embroiled in Ukraine is a smoke screen for their failing management of America.

      1. william delzell

        Glad to see that you eye to eye with me on this issue.

        1. Steve Allen

          My best to you.

  3. LM

    Congressman Green had to go and do Biden’s job for him. Mr. Potato Head obviously couldn’t do it himself as per his recent press conference.

  4. CMinTN

    Looking more and more that NATO is uniting away from the failing regimes of Resident Biden and the bafoon running the UK. Establishment neo-cons and their democrat counterparts just can’t let go though…