Bernie Moreno Drops Out of Ohio U.S. Senate Race, Receives Support from Former President Trump


Bernie Moreno, a businessman and Republican running for U.S. Senate, on Thursday suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination.

After meeting with former President Trump, Moreno and Trump cited too many “Trump candidates” as reason to exit the race.

The GOP primary has an extremely crowded field, with Moreno struggling to receive high-level support in most polls.

“This race was never about fulfilling a personal ambition, but rather about serving the Country that gave me every opportunity to succeed. Joe Biden is the result of socialist policies infiltrating our institutions and the Senate is the stopgap to prevent Washington, DC from spiraling out of control. We must regain control of the United States Senate and eliminate the possibility of career DC politicians like Tim Ryan from representing Ohio,” Moreno said in a statement.

Additionally, the former candidate committed to endorsing whichever contender Trump chooses to support.

“This decision may surprise some, but it is what I feel gives us the best chance of success. The stakes are took high. To whomever wins the Senate race, I hope and pray they take the actions needed to stop illegal immigration, bring our manufacturing base back to America, and shrink the size and scale of the Federal Government. It’s not too much for Americans to expect their government work for them,” he added.

After releasing the statement, Trump commended the Republican businessman’s efforts in the race:

“Bernie Moreno of Ohio is leaving the race for Senate, but I would like to thank him for his time and effort, and that of his wonderful family. I was very impressed with Bernie who was tough on illegal immigration which, after the Biden disaster at the Border, has become a big issue for all candidates. He has done much for Ohio and loves his State and our great MAGA Movement. His decision will help ensure the MAGA Ticket wins BIG, as it is all over the Country. Thank you, Bernie, for your support and keep fighting!” Trump added.

Notably, Moreno had received support from multiple former Trump officials, including Kellyanne Conway and Ric Grenell.

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