Baxter Lee Enters GOP Primary Race in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District


A new candidate has entered the GOP primary race for U.S. Representative from Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Businessman Baxter Lee issued a statement announcing his candidacy.

William “Baxter” Lee, an eighth generation Tennessean announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in the newly drawn 5th Congressional District. Lee says that his decision to become a candidate came after thoughtful and deliberate conversations with his family and friends. The husband and father of three said one of his main concerns is putting families first and getting back to the basics of what make America and Tennessee great.

“Tennessee has become a beacon of liberty across the country for people who are looking to relocate from states run by out-of-control government bureaucrats who believe in higher taxes, more mandates, and less freedom. I made the decision to run for Congress because we have the opportunity to take more of Tennessee’s conservative values and commonsense priorities to Washington, D.C.,” Lee said.

Lee’s statement also said that he intends to advocate for parents’ rights to make education and healthcare decisions for their children. He wants to end the abuse of authority by school boards during the COVID-19 pandemic and believes that Critical Race Theory has no place in our schools.

Lee’s website details more issues that are important to him and his candidacy.

Securing the border

Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights

Defending the unborn

Standing up to “The Squad” and their Radical Left allies

Opposing the oppressive and unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates

Restoring law and order

Firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker

Lee filed FEC forms 1 and 2 on January 31, 2022. FEC Form 1 is the statement of organization for a candidate’s PAC. Lee’s PAC name, according to the form is Baxter Lee for Congress. It has a PO Box in Nashville associated with it. FEC Form 2 is the statement of candidacy.

Though nothing on Lee’s campaign website specifically states he will be running for the Republican nomination in the August 2022 GOP primary, he identifies his party affilliation as “Republican” in the FEC form 2 filed on January 31.

In addition, sources tell The Star Lee recently told a meeting of Wilson County Republicans he would be seeking the GOP nomination.

If the redistricting plan approved by The Tennessee General Assembly is signed by the governor and survives potential court challenges, the new TN-5 Congressional District will include parts of Davidson, Williamson, and Wilson Counties, and all of Maury County, Marshall County, and Lewis County.

Lee’s LinkedIn page says that he is currently a Savings Coach at Save Win Club, company he owns. The company website says, “Save Win Club uses a simple proven approach focusing on daily habits and better decision making to improve your life. Daily Habits are the best predictor of future success. SWC uses the daily email to help anchor your day around a 10 second habit that can help you conquer your day.”

Lee and Save Win Club received a cease and desist order from the State of Tennessee in 2020, ordering him and the entity to:

CEASE AND DESIST from any further conduct as broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives in or from Tennessee until such time as they are effectively registered with the Division to engage in such activity;

CEASE AND DESIST from activity, including but not limited to buying, selling, placing trades, or making determinations on what trades should, and are placed, in Save. Win LLC’s Fidelity account using Tennessee citizens’ or citizens of other states’ funds, until such time as the Respondents are registered with the Division to engage in such activity; and

CEASE AND DESIST from engaging in fraud and misrepresentation, and from using Save. Win LLC’s SunTrust bank account for expenses relating to Brilliant Sky Books.

After incumbent U.S. Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN-5) declined to run for re-election due to redistricting, TN-5 became an open seat.

Lee joins Robby Starbuck and Natisha Brooks as announced candidates running for the TN-5 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Brooks ran as an independent in the 2020 Tennessee 5th Congressional District general election, garnering just 13 votes out of more than 25,000 cast.

Starbuck has announced he will be running for the GOP nomination in the August 2022 primary.

Former State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus, who has not publicly announced plans, received national attention when President Trump made known his strong encouragement and offered an endorsement of her potential candidacy, also in the Republican primary.

Several others are reportedly considering getting in the TN-5 race in the Republican primary, including former Tennessee State House Speaker Beth Harwell, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, and former Tennessee National Guard Brigadier General Kurt Winstead. Candidates can begin collecting qualifying petitions on Monday.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Baxter Lee” by Baxter Lee.



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5 Thoughts to “Baxter Lee Enters GOP Primary Race in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District”

  1. William H Constible

    Baxter Lee’s company has ruined our neighborhood in Ashland. We are overrun with Rats and thousands of Mice. Elect this idiot and your neighborhood will be next.

  2. Kevin

    Another “William “Baxter” (aka Bill) Lee, an eighth generation Tennessean…?” No thank you!

    1. William H Constible

      His company has the State covering up for him. We’re overrun by Rodents and Insects. Check out Compost Company. Thousands of tons of rotting food waste just sitting on the ground with absolutely no oversight.

      1. Concerned Tennessee Republican

        You have the wrong baxter lee.
        this Mr. Lee does not own the Ashland business

  3. rick

    Another winner that wants to live off the government money, our money,. A NO VOTE nothing to see here move one. Another unqualified wannabe, call Commie Cooper. All talk with a questionable history, from what I see there is no question there on the history. He maybe related to Starbuck! It does not say R or D unless I missed it, I went to Metro schools, poor reading skills, gimme a break. With his background he would make a great Democrat