Mexican Border Arrests Hit Record High in 2021, Data Show


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3 Thoughts to “Mexican Border Arrests Hit Record High in 2021, Data Show”

  1. […] Biden’s first year in office, America saw an influx of illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents arrested almost 2 million people trying to cross over the southern border […]

  2. Sim

    Dr Ken
    How many “illegals” are going cross the border in the next 3 years???
    Two million in one year, times 4 years, that’s 8 million people, most of which will be receiving some sort of welfare, the others replacing America workers, some committing crimes, overloading the court system as well as the prison system, Local, State and Federal.

    What the president is doing is “Illegal”, he is violating our immigration laws, and he is using Federal money to finance an “Illegal Operation” of flying these people all over the country,

    another violation of Law.

    So “WHY” hasn’t anyone brought any charges against him for these violations???

    Is it any wonder people like me think we should use our “Second Amendment” and restore “law and Order”??

    No one in government seem to care anymore.

  3. Dr Ken

    And this is brought to us by Joe Biden, AKA demented Joe or, as in the last campaign, “Hiding Biden”. Without doubt he is the worst president this country has ever seen. As the country survived Jimmy Carter, we’ll survive Biden. Perhaps Joe ought to send Cackling Kamala to the border to assess the problem. Sorry, been there, done that. She got lost on her trip as I recall and ended up in a northern tier daycare center for a photo op.