Georgia Parents’ Most Pressing Worries Are Ignored, Oconee County School Board Candidate Says


Watkinsville resident Julie Mauck is running for the Oconee County Schools Board of Education, and, if she wins, she said she has concrete goals that could transform how the board and the school system do business.

Specifically, Mauck wants to help the public gain more access to what, precisely, the school system is passing down to your children.

Mauck told The Georgia Star News on Tuesday that she is running for the school board’s Post Number Three.

“Probably the biggest goal [of mine] is transparency and parental involvement. When I say transparency, it is the process by which the school board does things, but it also means transparency in our curriculum,” Mauck said.

“Right now, the kids all use Google Chromebooks, and, as a parent, it is so difficult to try to figure out what they are being taught on a day-to-day basis. As far as the school board goes, I have reached out to the board on multiple occasions. I have gone to school board meetings and spoken. It seems you are speaking to empty jackets. You never hear back from them. There is no follow-up. They don’t seem to care what parents say at all.”

Mauck has worked in the real estate industry for 20 years. She said this is not her first run for office. She ran for the Williamson County (TN) Board of Education in 2016. Mauck lost. She said she was, at the time, “a no-name.”

Mauck moved to Oconee County from Tennessee almost four years ago to live closer to her parents. In Oconee County, she has developed a high profile. She admins Oconee County 411, which is a Facebook group of 7,500 members. She admins another Facebook group called Oconee County Conservatives. Mauck also serves as secretary for the Conservative Republican Women of Northeast Georgia. She also vice-chairs the Oconee County Republican Party and chairs Moms for Liberty of Oconee County. For the latter group, Mauck said she helps educate parents about school curriculums and teaches them how to advocate for liberty and parental rights.

“[Oconee County Board of Education Post Number Three Board Member] Wayne Bagley announced he is not running for his seat again. So, I thought maybe I will run [for a seat] again,” Mauck said.

“Once it was announced, I got several phone calls saying we want you to run. I feel called. I feel like everything is lining up the way it should for me to enter the race. I only have one [child] left in school. I have the time to do it.”

Mauck recently created a Facebook page, Julie Mauck for Oconee County Schools Board of Education, to promote her campaign.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star and The Georgia Star News. Follow Chris on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and GETTR. Email tips to [email protected]



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