Tennessee’s Redistricting Changes Illustrated in New Online Dashboard


Tennessee residents can now go online to see how the 2021-2022 redistricting process impacts them.

Members of the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office have created a new online dashboard called Tennessee District Lookup that shows which addresses in the state are now assigned to which legislative district.

The new dashboard updates the public on legislative district information for county commissions, the U.S. Congress, and both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Redistricting has impacted more than 2.5 million addresses in Tennessee, according to a statement that Tennessee Comptrollers published Tuesday.

To use the new Tennessee District Lookup dashboard, visit tncot.cc/tndistrict and enter the physical address in the box at the top left corner of the webpage. Once the address is selected the website’s display updates to show the new and prior district assignments.

Tennessee Comptrollers said in an emailed statement that they may add some information, including voting precincts, as it is adjusted or becomes available.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee this month signed redistricting maps that will change the boundaries for the state’s House and Senate seats, in addition to the lines of the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The congressional map, which members of the Tennessee General Assembly approved earlier this month, will divide Davidson County into three separate districts, potentially allowing Republicans to flip the seat from Democratic control.

However, the maps will likely face a legal challenge, as the Tennessee Democratic Party has repeatedly threatened to file a lawsuit over the proposed changes.

If the maps survive the expected legal challenges, Republicans running for the new congressional district are expected to compete in a crowded, contested primary.

In December of last year, The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office of Research and Education Accountability (OREA) created an interactive online dashboard displaying key data about K-12 public education. The new dashboard includes data and trend lines on student demographics, salaries and personnel, and state and local revenues for education.

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Photo “Tennessee District Lookup” by Tennessee District Lookup.



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