Moms for Liberty – Williamson County Responds to Progressive Mothers Who Want to Defeat Them


Liberal mothers plan to attend more public-school board meetings to attempt to defeat conservative groups like Moms for Liberty, and now members of that group’s Williamson County chapter in Tennessee have responded.

The Washington Post profiled these left-of-center mothers in an article this week. The report also said those mothers are about to go on offense against anyone who attends public school board meetings to speak out against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and COVID-19 masks.

Moms for Liberty – Williamson County members told The Tennessee Star on Saturday that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

“The left assumes that conservatives operate just as they do: organized off a central narrative playbook and funded by ‘dark money.’ Moms for Liberty was co-founded by two moms and former school board members. Their simple yet profound idea provided a vehicle and a support network for conservative parents nationwide, who felt disenfranchised by the media and powerless against their school boards, to unite, realize they are not alone (in fact, that they are the majority), and find their courage to speak up,” Moms for Liberty – Williamson County said in an emailed statement.

“As a general rule, it takes quite a lot of pushing for conservatives to speak up in the way we’ve seen parents do so over the last year. Anything involving the well-being of their children immediately qualifies, and Moms for Liberty has helped them understand they are far from alone and they have power to create change. Our county and state elected officials, including the governor, would do well to recognize the power of the parental vote.”

The Washington Post described conservative parents who attended one Williamson County Board of Education meeting as having the capacity to outmaneuver political opponents while they displayed “well organized and aggressive” behavior. The article went on to say that opponents of COVID-19 masks and CRT in public schools promote controversy and want political power — but they don’t represent the views of most parents.

Left-leaning mothers belong to groups such as Red Wine and Blue. They also belong to another group, Support Our Schools. These mothers, The Washington Post went on to say, will “show up at meetings with fact-based speeches ready” and “avoid using the divisive language of their opponents.” They will also refer to CRT as “culturally responsive instruction.”

Moms for Liberty – Williamson County members said that a leftist political operative with a 10-year history “in the Washington, D.C. swamp” founded Red Wine and Blue.

“There is nothing grass roots or genuine about this person. She is a political hack working under the guise of ‘just a mom.’ Why? Because she sees that as a formula that works, and she thinks she can make it work for the Left. The problem is: they have no message,” Moms for Liberty – Williamson County said.

“As these new left-leaning groups form, including, locally, the revival of Williamson Strong in May 2021, we observe that they are borne from a vendetta against Moms for Liberty, and not a motivation to act in the best interest of children. We’ve seen organizations so focused on countering our advocacy, that they will literally defend pornographic, obscene, and age- inappropriate material in school libraries and look the other way when children (of any color) are negatively affected by critical theory-laden curriculum. They care not at all that the Wit and Wisdom curriculum never passed Tennessee state textbook adoption standards; you’d think they’d at least agree with us that our children deserve a passing curriculum.”

Members of the Tennessee General Assembly last year passed a bill effectively banning CRT from K-12 education.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star and The Georgia Star News. Follow Chris on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and GETTR. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Moms for Liberty” by Moms for Liberty



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4 Thoughts to “Moms for Liberty – Williamson County Responds to Progressive Mothers Who Want to Defeat Them”

  1. Chris

    Democrats are the real homegrown terrorists. We don’t need trash in Tennessee indoctrinating our children.

  2. Jake

    Sic’em, Mom’s for Liberty.

  3. David H

    Thanks to Moms For Liberty for standing up against the Leftists.

    In Williamson County, Moms has over 3,000 members. The “Back to School” group has over 6,000 members. The Leftist “Williamson Strong” group has about 200 members.

    The Leftists create a lot of groups to give the impression that they have a lot of support – it is a deception. They are angry because they came close to taking over Williamson County Schools but were stopped by the TN Legislature passing what is called the “CRT Law”, but that law never mentions CRT – it says schools can’t teach students to be Racists, Haters or Racial Profilers. Obviously, that is what the Leftists had planned, because they have now shut up about it.

    Williamson Strong, by the way, attacked Dr. Carol Swain and tried to get her event honoring Dr. King cancelled.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Mom’s for Liberty – take it to the progressive who have been at the forefront of destroying public schooling for years. I would love to see the bullies of Williamson Strong put in their rightful place. That being out in the cold.