Crom’s Crommentary: The Spontaneous Left-Wing Countermovements and Their Big-Money Funding

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Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio for another edition of Crom’s Commentary.


You know, Michael, as I was driving in, you had Moms for Liberty on the radio program, and she pointed out some very interesting things, and that it’s very difficult to get people, typical people, to get active in politics, especially at the school board level, because it takes a tremendous amount of time.

And these people are busy with their own lives, earning a living and taking care of their own families. So you have to ask the question, who are the people who run for school boards? And most of them are funded by the teachers’ unions, and certainly, the ones who win are funded by the teachers’ union.

And so she asked the question. She said she’s very obviously very frustrated that the school board will pay no attention to parents, and that’s because the school board is not there to cater to the parents or to the children.

The school board is there to cater to the people who fund them. And that is the Woke Left and the teachers’ unions. And let me say this is this group that is coming to counteract – Red Wine and Blue. They’re trying to make a joke of the Moms for Liberty.

That’s what they’re trying to do. And that harkens back to you. Remember when the Tea Party movement started? Now, the Tea Party movement was very similar to the Moms of Liberty in that it was a spontaneous movement that started because Obama was just spending incredible amounts of money in ways that historically, looking back, were so wasteful.

It’s amazing. Moms for Liberty came up because of the historical event of the way that schools were treating children during COVID, but also made the parents aware of just what a terrible job the schools were doing and what they were teaching in the schools.

The Left, in order to counteract the spontaneous Tea Party movement, funded Occupy Wall Street. And the people who participated in Occupy Wall Street were actually paid to do that. And they said something.

So you had the Left that funded the occupation of Wall Street. The key takeaway here is these initiatives by the Left take tremendous amounts of money. Where does the money come from? Eight billion a year comes from government dues that are forcibly paid or taken from government employee paychecks.

Such immense amounts of money, taxpayer money, goes to higher education, that higher education is able to take a significant portion. And we’re talking billions of dollars, [which] funds completely crazy Left-leaning programs like the 1619 Project, and then advances that project.

And then the DEI projects, which are now being pushed into independent schools. And this is very important, that independent schools get accreditation. And the organization that accredited independent schools, the NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools, they’re now Woke. It’s going to take a concerted effort by politicians who get elected to power – if the Republican Party takes power, it is going to have to pass legislation that defunds the Left from the standpoint of compulsory money that goes to the Left either in the form of money that goes to education, or that goes to union dues.

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