Wisconsin Republicans Rip Evers for Ignoring Crime, Election Reforms in State of the State Address

by Benjamin Yount


Gov. Tony Evers covered a lot of ground during his fourth State of the State, ranging from such topics as farm aid to the internet to tourism.

But Republican lawmakers say the governor ignored two of Wisconsin’s most pressing issues: crime and election reform.

“While crime is skyrocketing across the state, [Gov. Evers] has no plans to make us feel safer in our homes,” Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, said after Tuesday night’s speech. “He lamented his inability to accomplish ’justice reform,’ another way of lamenting that Wisconsin isn’t more like Illinois, California and New York. The solution isn’t weaker criminal penalties, defunding the police, prosecuting fewer crimes, or eliminating cash bail.”

The senator continued, noting the state’s crime rate has spiked upward at 9%.

“Milwaukee just recorded a record high in homicides. And people don’t feel safe in their communities, yet Gov. Evers failed to present a plan to combat crime or even mention the subject,” Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point, said. “One in five murder or attempted murder suspects in Milwaukee County was out on bond for another felony. It’s time to get tough on crime, pass meaningful bail reform, and actually support our police.”

Republican lawmakers also noted Evers failed to mention election reforms.

“The governor also failed to address the issues with our previous elections by vetoing several reforms,” Rep. Chuck Wichgers, R-Muskego, said.

Evers used the speech to take credit for Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate, as well as tax breaks and the state’s record budget surplus.

Republican lawmakers were quick to say that they are responsible for the tax cuts and the $4 billion surplus.

“Gov, Evers tried to take credit for a slew of Republican victories, including a massive $2 billion tax cut, record low unemployment, and the largest rainy day fund in state history,” Rep. Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, said. “For four years, Governor Evers has pushed a radical-left agenda that includes more government, higher taxes, and less freedom. Republicans are committed to cutting taxes, protecting our police officers, and empowering parents to get involved in their children’s education.”

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Benjamin Yount is a contributor to The Center Square. 
Photo “Senator Van Wanggaard” by Senator Van Wanggaard. Photo “Tony Evers” by Tony Evers.




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