Tulsi Gabbard Will Headline a Speech at CPAC in Florida

Tulsi Gabbard
by Andrew Trunsky


Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii who ran for president in 2020 and has been critical of President Joe Biden, will headline a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), according to the event’s website.

Gabbard has sharply criticized “elite” members of the Democratic and Republican parties since leaving Congress just over a year ago, pushing back on rhetoric that she says is divisive and against policies embraced by the Biden administration’s Department of Justice. She has also defended Kyle Rittenhouse, saying that the charges brought against him were motivated by politics and “should be considered criminal.”

Gabbard, a staunch opponent to interventionism, has also criticized Biden’s handling of the crisis on Ukraine’s border with Russia. She also spoke out against Biden’s pledge to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court instead of nominating someone based on merit.

Gabbard will speak alongside numerous top figures in the Republican Party, including former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and more, according to the CPAC website.

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6 Thoughts to “Tulsi Gabbard Will Headline a Speech at CPAC in Florida”

  1. Dr Ken

    Former Representative and fellow veteran Tulsi Gabbard was the only candidate of reason on the democrat side running for president in 2020. JFK once, perhaps more often, stated the liberal of the day will be the moderate of tomorrow meaning the party just kept sliding to the left. At one point one could longer identify or relate to the party. President Reagan was a democrat who changed parties as he could no longer relate to the leftward shift. Ms. Gabbard was a threat to that shift, so the likes of Hillary Clinton outwardly tried disparaging her. She alleged Russian collusion; typical Hillary name-calling, the same charge Hillary leveled at President Trump. I would like to see Ms. Gabbard shift to the Republican Party, the democrat party is a mess, they seemingly no longer want her.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Good gosh Dr. Ken control your enthusiasm please. No doubt Tulsi is one of the most fetching ladies to appear on Tucker’s show and he brings her on when those few topics re: which she makes sense are being discussed. But Ken, do you know Tulsi’s lifetime Heritage score? 10%!!!!!! T-E-N%!!!!!! Or look at it another way, Tulsi spent her time in the House voting liberal/left 90% of the time.

      Now Dr. Ken, are you a conservative? If so, do you really want a 90% liberal in the Republican Party when job one for conservatives is to get rid of centrists and tepid conservatives already in the Party. And just think, what would those conservatives who so foolishly call our beloved Marsha (Heritage-87%) and Bill Haggerty (Heritage-94%) “RINO’s” call Tulsi (Heritage-10%) if she ever became a Republican?

      I hear CPAC is a real social hoot, but otherwise it’s a waste of money that could be much better spent supporting conservative candidates in their races against the chamber of commerce shills that dominate the Republican Party. Inviting Tulsi Gabbard to speak before that “conservative” gathering is simply another indication that Conservatives Inc., of which the ACU is so much a part, is simply not serious enough to lead us in the struggles ahead.

      1. Dr Ken

        Thank you, Stuart, and to your question, yes, I am very conservative and yes, I want Tulsi Gabbard on board. My point was the liberal of yesterday often, with time, sees through the feel-good programs driven by emotion and takes the position that enough is enough. Creating dependency in the people does not work. Societal deadbeats have been carried far too long. Will you accept that Tulsi might have come to that realization? President Reagan experienced such a conversion prior to being California’s governor. Clinton, Pelosi, Sanders and others shunned Tulsi as she refused to fall into step with the liberal lemmings. It was either Tulsi or another who spoke against reparations stating those payments started in 1964 with LNJs Great Society and continue to this day. Thus, payments have been made in full. Having said all that Stuart, I fully agree with you we need to rid the party of RINOs, and I’ll point to Romney as one example. On the other hand, those who espouse conservative values should be welcomed with open arms into the party.

        1. Stuart I. Anderson

          I’ll agree to let her in if I hear a word from her indicating that she now feels that the 90% liberal/left votes she cast in the past were mistaken. I have not heard her do so. Indeed, Tucker has her on because she, like Tucker, takes a nationalist position on foreign affairs but Tucker also sometimes refers to the fact that they disagree on many other policies and she just smiles.

          My greatest fear is that the leftward lurch of the Democratic Party will result in center-left refugees from the Democratic Party making their way over to the Republican Party so that we have a new crop of centrist and even tepid conservative Republicans to take the place of those centrist/tepid conservatives we conservatives are slowly but surely getting rid of. Even if Tulsi goes from her 10% Heritage score to a Lamar Alexander 50% I still say please Tulsi stay away.

          1. Dr Ken

            Good points and well stated. I concur, as with any candidate and I’ll borrow one of President Reagan’s many lines, “trust but verify”. We need people to speak out, to reach out. Stuart, please keep doing so.

  2. She was the only Democrat in the lineup that I would have voted for. And I come from an old Southern Democrat family.