Wisconsin Assembly Approves Multiple Education-Focused Bills

The Wisconsin Assembly approved multiple pieces of legislation focused on education-related issues, sending the bills to the Wisconsin Senate for full legislative approval.

One of the bills is a “parental bill of rights” that would establish certain legal rights for parents throughout the state, like maintaining a voice surrounding education curriculum taught to their child or choice in medical decisions.

The bill “establishes a legal standard for state infringement on fundamental rights of parents and guardians, explicitly establishes a number of parental and guardian rights relating to a child’s religion, medical care and records, and education, and creates a cause of action for the violation of these rights,” explains the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

If a government entity violates any of the rights, a parent would have the power to sue.

Another bill would break up Milwaukee Public Schools into multiple, smaller districts. The plan, supported by State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), would also expand school choice options for parents in the region.

“Wisconsin was the first state to give parents more say in their children’s education and future. We have an opportunity to build on our reputation and reclaim our status as a national model for reforming K-12 education,” said Darling of the legislation.

Furthermore, Assembly Bill 995 provides parents with the ability to opt their child out of any mask mandate imposed by a school or school district.

“The school board or employee may not require the parent to provide a reason for the parent’s election or to provide any evidence regarding any fact related to the pupil’s health or education status. A pupil may not, as a result of such an election, be disciplined or otherwise treated differently from a pupil whose parent has not made such an election,” the text of the legislation explains.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Wisconsin Daily Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Alberta Darling” by Alberta Darling. 



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