GOP Primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District Attracts Another Carpetbagger

Recent New York transplant David M. Vitalli, who told a magazine that he’s a JFK Democrat and may run for President of the United States in 2024, has joined fellow carpetbaggers Morgan Ortagus and Robby Starbuck in the Republican primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Vitalli is listed as collecting petitions for the TN-5 GOP primary by the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office, and he has filed FEC paperwork. Twelve other individuals are currently collecting petitions for the TN-5 GOP primary.

In an interview conducted by Metropolitan Luxury Magazine in May of 2021, Vitalli talked about his luxurious property in New York, which he proudly stated had a helipad and was a 15-minute flight away from Manhattan.

“The house goes completely off the grid. It’s safe, secure. It’s a 15-minute flight from my helipad to Manhattan and it’s less than a 60-minute drive. The house could be completely shut down for different parts of the family to be safe in it.” said Vitalli. “It has three different air filtration systems in it. Even though it is upstate New York it has its own beach. It has any of the amenities you would get in any 5-star hotel and it’s a very unique property.”

In the interview, Vitalli also talked about putting his property up for sale. His reason was that he was moving to Tennessee to run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“In 2022, I will be running for the United States Congress in the state of Tennessee. I’m an Independent. I’m running in a Republican Caucus. I’m a constitutionalist by trade. I tell my very dear friends who are Democrats that I am a JFK Democrat, which is a little bit different from what the Democratic party is today.” he said. “I believe in doing things for the people not for a particular party. Poor has no color, I don’t believe in labeling people. I believe in rehabilitation. The criminal justice system needs a revamp. Police need to be revamped. I would like to do things that are fiscally responsible to get this country back on track. I’m not a cheering section for this recent administration or any administration.”

Vitalli told Metropolitan Luxury Magazine that most of his financing would be coming from outside Tennessee and that he may run for President of the United States in 2024.

“I have most of my financing coming out of the Northeast and if everything goes well I will go for POTUS in 2024,” he said.

Vitalli’s LinkedIn profile says that he is the director of International Operations for Vortek International, a security company. It also says that he has made many appearances on the Maury show and has his own show, My Dysfunctional Family, on the CMT Network.

Based on his own words and very recent move to Tennessee, it is doubtful that Vitalli will satisfy the TNGOP bylaw requirements that a candidate must be a bona fide Republican. Records obtained from Williamson County elections show that Vitalli registered to vote in Tennessee in June of 2021 and has never voted in a Tennessee election.

Pending General Assembly legislation which would establish a three-year residency requirement for federal candidates in primaries would disqualify Vitalli from the ballot as well. Furthermore, Ortagus would be off the ballot if that legislation were enacted into law.  Also, Starbuck would likely be off the ballot as well.

The Tennessee Star has reached out to Vitalli for comment on his candidacy but has not gotten a response as of this writing.

Other candidates in the GOP primary for TN-5 not previously mentioned in this writing include former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell, businessman Baxter Lee, former Brig. Gen. Kurt Winstead, Natisha Brooks, and Stewart Parks.

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles is believed to be entering the race in the future and Senate aide Tres Wittum’s entry into the race is still under consideration.

Candidates have until April 7 to turn in qualifying petitions for the primary.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected] Follow Aaron on GETTR.
Photo “Dave Vitalli” by Dave Vitalli. Background Photo “U.S. Capitol” by Andrew Van Huss. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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10 Thoughts to “GOP Primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District Attracts Another Carpetbagger”

  1. David H

    I don’t think it is fair to compare Starbuck to the people who just moved here. Since Starbuck has been here, he has been more involved than most – I haven’t even heard of most of them.
    Let the voters decide.

    1. Mark

      He is kin to the California governor, and he hides his last name to deceive. Is that what you want? He is a Democrat Carpetbagger uninterested in the will of the People.

  2. LB

    Oh brother! The legislators of this state please set up strong guidelines and block the cockroaches and termites. They are moving in and trying to take over the entire House!!!

    1. Concerned Tennessee Republican

      Do you not trust the voter’s to decide who we want to elect?

      His work to help troubled children and families is admirable.

  3. Wolf Woman

    If his ego is the size of his muscles, he needs to stay in New York.

  4. Cannoneer2

    Why does Willliamson County attract most of these “immigrants”?

  5. Trebor

    And so the long steady slides from Orange to blue state with the mass influx of fleeing liberals and their politics begins…

    1. Concerned Tennessee Republican

      I have read his stance on the issues … just as conservative as Tennesseans. Not sure who I will vote for but what state they were born in doesn’t really factor into how they will vote on the issues. Take the time to learn about each candidate and then decide which one has the best ideas and will vote in Congress most similar to the way you would want to vote.

  6. LM

    Sabretooth for Congress? Jeez what a mess.

  7. Truthy McTruthFace

    loved him when he played sabretooth in the wolverine movies