Gableman Investigation Extended, Trump Weighs In

Robin Vos and Donals Trump
by Benjamin Yount


The investigation into the 2020 election in Wisconsin will last at least another month.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Tuesday extended former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman’s investigation until the end of April.

“The office of Special Counsel has done an outstanding job looking into the election concerns people all across Wisconsin had,” Vos said in a statement after signing a new contract with Gableman.

Vos said he is continuing the investigation because there are both unanswered questions from election managers and mayors across the state, and because there are unsettled lawsuits surrounding Gableman’s efforts.

“Justice Gableman continues to face unwarranted resistance,” Vos explained. “We will continue to fight the obstruction and myriad of lawsuits filed by Democrats and out-of-state liberal activists, questioning the legislature’s subpoena power and ultimately keeping this matter from concluding in the time frame we expected.”

Democrats at the Wisconsin Capitol were outraged by the extension.

“It is far past time that this sham investigation ended,” Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer, D-Racine, said in a statement.

She called Gableman’s probe “anti-democratic,” and “embarrassing.”

Former President Trump also weighed-in on Gableman’s probe.

“Congratulations and thank you to Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, and State Assemblywoman Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections, for standing by highly respected Justice Michael Gableman on the incredible findings just announced on Election Fraud in the great State of Wisconsin,” Trump said in his own statement Tuesday. “I feel confident that Robin will exercise his moral duty to follow up on Justice Gableman’s findings.”

Trump said, based on the finding of Gableman’s initial report, “there can only be a Decertification of Electors.”

Gableman brought up the idea of decertifying Wisconsin’s electors, but said it would not change the outcome of the 2020 race.

Top Republicans at the Wisconsin Capitol say recalling the state’s electors or changing the outcome of the 2020 election would be unconstitutional.

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Benjamin Yount contributes to The Center Square.


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