Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Jensen Selects Former NFL Player Matt Birk as Running Mate

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen on Tuesday announced former NFL player Matt Birk will run as lieutenant governor on his ticket.

Birk, who was born and raised in St. Paul, played multiple seasons for the Minnesota Vikings and was selected to the NFL Pro Bowl six different times.

Jensen is running against multiple GOP opponents in the Republican primary, with the goal of taking on Governor Tim Walz in the general election.

“I could not be more excited to be joining Dr. Scott Jensen as his Lt. Governor running mate. We are in this race to win. Too often, our collective attitude in Minnesota is that we are comfortable with ‘middling’ and our political leadership is reflective of that. After decades of one-party complacency, our schools are not better, our top producers are leaving the state, crime is out of control, and we have a cultural and economic malaise which is impacting our spirit. But I believe we can make a comeback and become the best place to love and do business in America! You won’t find a bigger cheerleader for Minnesota than me, and I want to be part of the movement that revives our state: where we can keep our streets safe, where we can have nation-leading education, and where we can have a robust economy that encourages entrepreneurship,” Birk said in a statement.

According to his campaign website, the former athlete identifies himself as a “staunch advocate for the pro-life movement and education choice.”

Following the announcement, the duo released a new ad, promising to tackle mask and vaccine mandates, school closures, rising crime, and many other issues facing residents of the state.

This year could provide a promising opportunity for Republican challengers against the Democrat incumbent. As gas prices and inflation continue to rise, President Joe Biden and national Democrats have seen their approval numbers sink.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Minnesota Sun and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Scott Jensen and Matt Birk” by Scott Jensen. 



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