Peter D’Abrosca of The Star News Network Discusses the Florida Anti-Grooming Bill with Stephen K. Bannon on WarRoom

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Host Stephen K. Bannon welcomed The Michigan Star reporter Pete D’Abrosca on Thursday’s WarRoom: BattleGround to discuss the anti-grooming bill that just passed in the Florida legislature.

Bannon: Okay, Pete D’Abrosca, The Star News Network. Whattaya got? You are ahead of Florida down there. You got some great pieces up on this. Where do we stand? This bill just passed. It’s really the anti-grooming, it’s the anti-grooming bill. Where do we stand right now on this?

D’Abrosca: Yes. First of all, I just want to note how slimy that last new segment you played was. They put a 17-year-old kid on there to discuss a bill that only applies to kids who are aged five to eight.

It was totally slimy to begin with. But we’re going to get into some nuance here briefly that our Liberal friends won’t appreciate. They’ve already labeled this the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” And they’re obviously not going to back off of that because it’s good politics for them. But they started all the way back in 2016.

There’s a dark money group called Equality Florida. And they started publishing these guidelines for schools to instruct LGBT curricula to kids. And so what they do is they had a framework and then when a school wanted to add these sort of teaching guides, this group would come in and help them do that.

And it spread all throughout the state of Florida. And it spread through the education bureaucracy all the way up to the Florida Department of Education to a point where one of these LGBTQ teaching guides was on the Florida Department of Education’s website. And they didn’t even know about it until we asked them, hey, what’s going on here?

And then eventually they took it down. So for six, seven years now, almost, in Florida, they’ve been working to actively teach children about gay issues and talk to children about gender identity and all of these sort of far-Left social causes in schools.

And what we’re seeing now with HB1557 is Republicans catching up. Since they have the House and the state stance is so strong, basically, they’ve put the kibosh on this large project that they’ve been working on and the Democrats in Florida have been working on really very quickly. And that’s I think, part of why you see such a strong backlash.

Bannon: Okay, here’s what we need. We need every Republican House and Senate and governor in this nation to start following DeSantis on this. We’ve got to get this up. This has got to be stood up immediately.

We got to get this out of these schools. Pete, I want to make sure, where do people go to your social media and how do they get your articles on this?

People have to start focusing on this specific issue in Florida and the leadership that the Houses … and particularly Governor DeSantis has taken on this. Pete, how do they get more information?

D’Abrosca: So, go to or We have several newspapers around the country, mostly in battleground states. And we report on the sort of hard-hitting local issues.

Schools are a giant issue right now. Parents are finally standing up. Hopefully, they continue to do so. I don’t have any personal social media so you’re going to have to go to to find me.

Bannon: Okay, brother. Thank you very much. Great reporting. The Star News Network.

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