Arizona Lawmakers Call On Colleagues to Support Increased Domestic Energy Production

by Tom Joyce


Two members of the Arizona House have expressed support for the U.S. ban on Russian oil imports and called for the U.S. to increase its domestic energy production.

State Reps. David Cook, R-Globe, and Brian Fernandez, D-Yuma, sponsored a proclamation read on the Arizona House floor this week that offered support for these policies.

The resolution noted Russia invaded the “free and democratic country of Ukraine” on Feb. 24, forcing millions of civilians to flee the country. It also said the U.S. and its allies, in response, have offered sanctions against Russia, including sanctions against Russia’s petroleum industry.

The resolution, which was read Wednesday, argued the U.S. needed to find a way to permanently cut off Russia’s energy industry.

“The United States has also imported Russian liquified natural gas and coal, despite having some of the largest reserves domestically and this import strategy puts American national security at risk and supports Vladimir Putin’s ability to stay in power,” the proclamation read.

It went on to say Americans “should not be forced to help finance Russia’s heinous atrocities and unprovoked aggression.”

The lawmakers argued the U.S. and Arizona should support all types of energy production to fuel the American economy rather than buying energy from dictators.

The proclamation concluded with a call to action for Cook and Fernandez’s colleagues in the House.

“Representative David Cook and Representative Brian Fernandez, invite the members of the Arizona House of Representatives to join with them in their support of the ban on Russian oil, gas and liquefied natural gas imports imposed by President Joe Biden and call on the President of the United States and the United States Congress to revisit and revitalize domestic energy production,” it read.

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Tom Joyce is a contributor to The Center Square.
Photo “David Cook” by Arizona State Legislature. Photo “Brian Fernandez” by Arizona State Legislature. Background Photo “Oil Pump” by jp26jp.

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