Alabama Man Wins Battle over His ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ License Plate

by Laurel Duggan


Alabama officials reversed a decision to revoke a license plate belonging to Nathan Kirk, referring to the slogan criticizing President Joe Biden — “Let’s go, Brandon” — according to The Washington Post.

The state previously demanded that Kirk surrender his license plate within 10 days in a Feb. 17 letter that called the plate an affront to the “peace and dignity of the State of Alabama,” according to the Post.

“The Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, has determined the above referenced license plate contains objectionable language which is considered by the Department to be offensive to the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama,” the Feb. 17 letter read, the Post reported.

Kirk ordered the license plate in October 2021 in a “spur of the moment” decision to express his displeasure with the direction of the country under Biden’s leadership, he told the Post.

“I thought that would be just, you know, kind of a comical way of displaying that,” he said, the Post reported. Kirk cited Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as one of the reasons he ordered the license plate for his family’s Ford F-250.

Kirk’s story received national media attention, the Post reported. He reportedly said he planned to sue the state over the issue, but such a suit never came to be.

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Laurel Duggan is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Let’s Go Brandon Slogan on Car” by Whoisjohngalt. CC BY-SA 4.0.



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3 Thoughts to “Alabama Man Wins Battle over His ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ License Plate”

  1. Jay

    The AL DMV must be bored.

  2. william delzell

    Brandon was also the name of an obnoxious eight grade History teacher I had during the mid-sixties who was hostile to civil rights and to the counter-culture. How Ruth Brandon lasted as long as she did in the school system is a mystery to me.