Minnesota to Provide 500,000 At-Home COVID Tests to Residents


The state of Minnesota is launching a new program to distribute 500,000 at-home coronavirus tests to residents of the state.

The new initiative will replace a system that forces individuals to order a COVID-19 test from a lab and ship the test back for analysis and confirmation of the virus.

“Our goal has always been to ensure that when Minnesotans need a test, they can get one quickly and easily,” said Governor Tim Walz in a statement. “Even as case numbers decline, it’s important that Minnesotans test for COVID-19 if they are feeling sick. That’s why we’re continuing to work to make tests easily accessible – now and in the future.”

According to Walz, the state has secured 500,000 test kits to distribute.

The system will work similar to one implemented by the federal government. Residents will log onto the state’s website and order two kits, which will provide a total of four tests to the household.

Despite the new effort, coronavirus cases in the state have plummeted. According to data from the Mayo Clinic, the average positivity rate has dropped more than 15 points, as the latest numbers show a three-percent positivity rate.

Throughout the pandemic, state leaders enacted some of the toughest guidelines and lockdowns.

In fact, one individual, business owner Lisa Hanson, was jailed for refusing to close her business. She is now running for a seat in the state legislature.

“My life was forever changed when I stood against Governor Tim Walz’s unconstitutional and fraudulently issued executive orders to keep my business open to serve the people of our community,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“I know firsthand of corruption in all three branches of our government aimed at the erosion of our fundamental rights. At the whim of tyrannical leaders I was dragged through court, abusively fined, and thrown in jail. As your senator in District 23, I will boldly advocate to restore the Rule of Law and to return our government to the People. My commitment proven. My stand for the People demonstrated.”

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Minnesota Sun and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]

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