John Fredericks Commentary: Atlanta Fake News Lies About Trump Rally Attendance

The Georgia Fake News machine was working in overdrive on Saturday night in Commerce, Georgia.

Petrified by the resurgence of Donald Trump in Georgia, they coordinated a blatant effort to portray a minimal crowd for Trump’s rally at a North Georgia raceway. This equates to lying to your readers to create a phony narrative. Putin and Pravda would be proud.

Let’s start with Stephen Fowler of Georgia Public Broadcasting. He claims he attended former President Trump’s “Save America” rally the Commerce racetrack on Saturday night and estimated on Twitter there were 5,000 people attending.

Next up was liberal Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Greg Bluestein, who got on the clown car bandwagon and tweeted it was a “small” crowd.

Naturally, this was repeated in the fake news eco-system by other national media. This is exactly how the Left curates a narrative: by all saying the exact same thing: like “baseless claims” of election fraud regardless of the mounting evidence to the contrary.

So let’s fact-check.

Rally attendee Phil Kent of the Georgia Gang TV show and publisher of Insider Advantage digital magazine reported something vastly different.

“During the time Trump was to speak at about 7:45 pm, a local sheriff’s deputy and a Banks County commissioner I interviewed estimated turnout at upward of 16,000 people-and these two individuals are very familiar with crowd estimations at this venue,” Kent wrote.

One honest young reporter, not yet tainted by the phonies dominating his profession, Joshua Jones of the Athens Banner Herald tweeted there was a “massive crowd” gathering.

Kent also asserted that, “A review of video from the television news networks that covered the event make it clear that there was a huge crowd in attendance.”

The liberal elite media in Atlanta, led by Cox sisters owned WSB broadcast outlets and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution will do anything to discredit Trump and his endorsed gubernatorial candidate, former U.S. Senator David Perdue before the May 24th GOP primary. They are openly fawning all over incumbent Republican governor Brian Kemp, knowing full well he’ll likely lose to Democrat Stacey Abrams in November.

Expect this ruse to continue unabated in Atlanta right through November 8.

Kent keenly summed it up this way: “Bottom line: compare the dishonest estimates from liberal-leaning media outlets to other media reports that include actual interviews from knowledgeable local officials.”

Lying about crowd size is just the tip of the iceberg.

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John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star. He is also the host of The John Fredericks Show weekdays on NewsTalk WJFN 100.5 FM and 820 AM.
Photo “Donald Trump Georgia Rally” by Dan Scavino Jr. 




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One Thought to “John Fredericks Commentary: Atlanta Fake News Lies About Trump Rally Attendance”

  1. Mr Jim Cliff

    Joshua Jones also Tweeted a photo of the “massive” crowd, in which you can see there are at most a few thousand people, and likely a lot less. In fact, all the photos of the event show few people and a lot of empty tarmac. Can you show us a photo that shows the large crowd Trump claims was there?