Author Carol Swain Discusses Her Upcoming Book Signing of Her New Book : What Jesus Has to Say About Life, Marriage, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Materialism

Carol Swain

Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Dr. Carol M. Swain in studio to talk about her upcoming book signing at the Puffy Muffin in Brentwood today from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Leahy: In studio with us, all-star panelist, distinguished senior fellow for Constitutional Studies at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Carol Swain. Carol, you’re going to have a book signing tomorrow, is that right?

Swain: Yes, at the Puffy Muffin in Brentwood. And it will be from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. We will be providing spiced tea.

Leahy: Spiced tea, by the way, isn’t that the Puffy Muffin special?

Swain: Of course.

Leahy: It’s delicious, by the way.

Swain: And of course, the bakery will be open for people to buy desserts. And the counter, if you haven’t eaten, you can order sandwiches and that type of thing.

Leahy: The Leahy family loves Puffy Muffin on Franklin Road because both of my daughters, worked there for a long time it was their first job. It is a great place. And it’s been really an institution in Brentwood for many years.

Swain: They stop serving lunch, I believe, on Saturday at 2:00 p.m., and then we are going to start the program at 3:00 p.m.

Leahy: There are so many books that you’ve written. Which book will you be signing?

Swain: The latest book is Countercultural Living: What Jesus Has to Say About Life, Marriage, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Materialism. But my other books will be there, too. And the book about countercultural living, I use my life to sort of illustrate various things.

There are some examples from my life of other people’s lives and for people that don’t know my Christian conversion story. I was in my forties before I became a Christian believer. So I’ve gone through agnosticism New Age, and eastern religions.

Leahy: You went through them all.

Swain: I went through them all. I was always a sincere seeker and I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. But right now we are called to live counter to the culture. Which takes us to Disney.

Leahy: Disney! (Swain chuckles)  And would Walt Disney be turning over in his grave right now? Because when you and I were kids, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color was very pro-American with very traditional values. Now they’re pushing the sexualization of five-year-olds.

Swain: They certainly are. And unfortunately, the Southern Baptist Convention, I don’t know. I’m a Southern Baptist. I haven’t been one all my life. But since moving to Nashville, I became a Southern Baptist. Their convention this year is in Anaheim, California.

Leahy: The Disneyland area. And they are promoting discounted tickets to Disneyland. And I’m waiting for them to take that off their website and issue a statement and encourage Southern Baptist Bible-believing Christians to boycott the park. Now someone posted on Facebook, why can’t they just go and talk about Jesus?

They would be kicked out on their rear end if they went there and started proselytizing. But I think that it’s far more important to protect your children. Why would a Bible believe in a Christian who believes in traditional values, support Disney?

Leahy: And of course, several things have come to the fore of late. In Florida, the legislature passed a bill and Governor DeSantis signed it into law which says K through 3rd public school students, you can’t teach them gender sexual identity, leftwing LGBTQ ideology.

And Disney’s falsely called that the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and they have vowed to repeal it. It’s not going over very well with most folks in Florida. Your thoughts?

Swain: Wait a minute. It hasn’t gone over well with the American people when they read the text of the legislation. So Governor DeSantis has a lot of support.

And I can tell you that when President Obama was elected during his term and Arnie Duncan was the Secretary of Education, that’s when that sex agenda got into many schools and that’s when they started teaching those concepts to kindergarteners from K-12.

A lot of parents noticed CRT. They noticed what’s happening in 2020. I have news for you folks and I’m not talking to the good folks that are listening here because they already know.

Leahy: They already know. Our listing audience is saying, go get them, Carol. (Swain chuckles) That’s what our audience is doing right now. They’re driving into work. Yes, Carol is right!

Swain: But I can tell you that when Steve Feisel and I wrote Abduction: How Liberalism Steals the Hearts and Minds of our Children in 2016, we have in that book some of the curricula that were being pushed in 2016 and 2015.

So don’t think that this is new. And while we are focused on CRT and we should be focused on it. Critical queer theory, critical feminist theory, and there are other critical theories all rooted in Marxism and postmodernism.

And for those of you who don’t know what postmodernism is, you shouldn’t because it’s one of those university concepts. But it has to do with cultural relativism.

Everything’s relative. There are no objective truths. That’s all part of critical theory. And that is what is driving the education and indoctrination of our children in K-12 as well as college.

Leahy: The other thing about Disney is Christopher Rufo, who’s written about CRT extensively, was able to get some undercover video of a town hall meeting of Disney employees and Disney executives.

And the leading executives of Disney said it was their agenda to go out and promote transgender ideology and LGBTQ stuff by featuring all those characters in Disney movies. It’s insane.

Swain: Yesterday the Biden administration celebrated national transgender day and they talked about ways to help your child transition sexually.

These people have lost their minds. And the American people, whether you’re Democrat or Republican, this is insane. It must stop.

Leahy: I saw that video of Joe Biden, the legal but not legitimate grifter in chief, promoting transgenderism with transgender day and I thought it was from the Babylon Bee. But it was real.

Listen to the interview:

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