Candidate for Williamson County Commissioner Derides Parent Protestors as ‘Helicopter Moms’

Courtenay Rogers

In an advertisement for a political event, a candidate for Williamson County Commissioner expressed her displeasure with parents who want a say in what is being taught to their children.

“Hey Williamson County! Are you sick of being embarrassed by our elected officials? Are you over the helicopter moms banning books? Are you sick of the slate of hate? Are you ready to TAKE BACK TENNESSEE? Meet YOUR Candidates on Monday from 5:30-7,” Vice Chair of the Williamson County Democrat Party Courtenay Rogers said.

Rogers is running for Williamson County Commission’s 10th district.

A bill pending in the Tennessee Legislature, HB 1994, would ban “obscene material” that is “harmful to minors” from the state’s schools.

Such obscene materials in public school libraries have become a hot-button issue nationwide.

Books containing pornographic imagery or lewd content have been challenged by parents who want more say in what their children are learning.

In one recent example, a mother in Cherokee County, Georgia was shut down by a school board for reading a passage from a book called Homegoing that was required for some high school students.

Michelle Brown read a graphic sexual passage from the book, and was immediately interrupted.

“Excuse me, we have children at home,” a school board member said. “It’s livestreaming, and it’s really not appropriate – ” the member said before Brown interrupted her.

“Don’t you find the irony in that?” Brown asked sharply. “You’re saying exactly what I’m telling you. You’re giving it to our children. I would never give this to my children.”

Robin Steenman is the President of the Williamson County chapter of Moms for Liberty, a group that fights for parental rights.

She noted that obscene materials in schools do not poll very well for the Democrats pushing them.

“In light of national polling, we encourage Ms. Rogers to run on a platform opposed to parents’ rights and supporting obscene material in school libraries and see how it works out for her,” she told The Tennessee Star.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Photo “Courtenay Rogers” by Courtenay Rogers.


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8 Thoughts to “Candidate for Williamson County Commissioner Derides Parent Protestors as ‘Helicopter Moms’”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Where does she think she lives? Virginia? Californica? The moon? All I can say is keep up that dialogue.

  2. Tim Price

    This candidate is totally stupid!

  3. Stuart I. Anderson

    Conservatives have seen the importance that local elections have over the past few years. Before voting against Courtenay Rogers there is the matter of picking the most conservative Republican to run against her. That matter will be settled beginning with early voting in the Republican primary April 13 – 28 and election day May 3rd.

    The conservative Williamson Families PAC has endorsed Brad Diaz as the most conservative Republican candidate in the 10th District to run against Rogers. Hopefully every Williamson County conservative will check with WFPAC at to see which candidates received the WFPAC endorsement before voting THEN VOTE.

  4. Glad Rogers is outing herself. Saves us a lot of work.

  5. LM

    Dems want desperately to control everybody’s lives. They project “helicopter moms” onto mothers who absolutely are the ones who should decide what their children get subjected to in the public school waste land. Go ahead Ms. Courtneay- pi** off the mama bears!

  6. Kevin

    These liberals are tangling with the wrong people! Maybe I’m old. And maybe my mom was a relic of the past, who wouldn’t let anything, or anybody harm her babies. But I think this chick is delusional! Moms are still moms, and you don’t mess with their babies!

    The Williamson County moms may be “helicopter moms” but something tells me that they’re “loaded for bear” AH-64’s and AH-1’s!

    1. Tim Price

      Love the last part of your comment!

  7. Truthy McTruthFace

    that’s not gonna work well for her. i mean the twitter crowd might love it, but actual voters….