Kelly Loeffler Refuses to Say Whether Kemp Lied About Election Integrity Meeting

During an appearance on Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks, former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler this week refused to address the issue of whether or not Georgia Governor Brian Kemp lied about an election integrity meeting that former U.S. Senator David Perdue said happened.

Additionally, Loeffler did not address whether she was present or if the meeting occurred at all.

A few weeks ago, Perdue appeared on The John Fredericks Show and said that he called a meeting with Kemp prior to the January 5, 2021 U.S. Senate runoff that included Loeffler. Perdue said the purpose of the meeting was to address the issues that happened in the 2020 Georgia elections and to urge Kemp to call a special session of the Georgia General Assembly to pass legislation to ensure that the same issues do not happen again in the U.S. Senate runoff.

Perdue said that Kemp essentially blew off the issue and left the meeting.

During an exchange, Fredericks laid out the claims made by Perdue and pressed Loeffler on the issue several times. Loeffler refused to address the issue every time it was raised.

John Fredericks: I want to get to this meeting. I’ve got David Perdue on my show a couple weeks ago. Hey said, look, he called Brian Kemp as governor. This is early on at the end of November. He asked for a special session because he said if the same thing goes down in the runoff with these drop boxes and everything else, we’re going to get the same result, right? Called him up – he said Kemp came to a meeting with his staff, private meeting, off the record – everybody promises off the record, nobody respects that more than me. I’ve not broken an off-the-record confidential comment, Kelly, in thirty years. I don’t even tell my wife. So I get it, right? I get the whole thing.

He said you had a meeting. He asked Kemp point blank to call a special session to fix the election problems going into January 5. He said that you were there. It was his meeting. Kemp looked him in the and said no, he’s not going to do it. He said you guys are on your own, you have to figure it out, and he took his team and he split. Then, they asked Kemp about the meeting and Kemp said the meeting never happened. He denied it, but David Perdue said Senator Loeffler, that you were in that meeting – as a U.S. Senator and you can verify it. Were you in that meeting and did Kemp lie about not being there?

Kelly Loeffler: There’s nothing that the Left would like more than to have us fighting over what was reported in a piece of political fiction, that I understand is written by a liberal political reporter, haven’t read it.

Fredericks: No, no, no. David came on my show and said this. I’m not talking Greg Bluestein’s article from the fake news AJC. David Perdue came on my show and said you were there and this meeting happened – and Kemp blew you guys off. I’m just trying to verify, were you at the meeting and did Kemp lie? I mean, its a simple answer, yes or no.

Loeffler: Well, I understand, John. But, what my focus is on 2020, making sure that Stacey Abrams doesn’t become governor of Georgia and I am not involved in primary politics. This is exactly what the Left wants us to focus on when we need to be looking at what happened in 2020, how do we fix it – how do we hold people accountable, and how do we make sure it never happens again – that we don’t have a consent decree ever again, that we don’t have big tech money, that the media doesn’t manipulate stories days before an election. That’s really my focus and I think that what most of Georgia wants right now is accountability in elections. There’s a lot of dynamics around elections and my role is to make sure that our side wins at the end of the day.

Fredericks: But don’t you think if Brian Kemp went into a meeting and then lied about it, don’t you think that’s something that people should know when David Perdue, who you ran with – who is now running against him, verified the meeting and said that you were there. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this. Either Kemp lied or the meeting didn’t happen or somebody lied.

Loeffler: Well, certainly we had many conversations on election integrity at the end of 2020. We know that today, the majority of conservatives in Georgia have concerns about election integrity in 2020. That’s why Senate bill 202 was important. That’s why my effort’s important and that’s why we have to make sure that we are holding people accountable for 2020. That hasn’t been done here in Georgia. That’s my biggest concern. I want the voters to decide. I’m endorsing the voters’ views here.

They know what their experience was and I speak for all voters who feel like things were not handled in the right way – making sure that we hold people accountable in our elections going forward. I’m also asking people to turn out and vote because, look what happened in our race. 300,000-400,000 Georgians stayed home January 5th, and today a new Supreme Court justice was just approved by the Senate who is someone who supports court packing, lenient sentences for child sex traffickers and worse. This is the consequences of elections and that is why I am laser-focused on November this year.

Kemp appointed Loeffler to the Senate.  Both her and Perdue lost in the January 5, 2021 runoff elections, running together as a de facto ticket. Perdue is now running against Kemp in the GOP primary for governor, which is scheduled to occur on May 24.

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John Fredericks is the publisher of The Georgia Star News

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