Always Right with Bob Frantz: Congressman Jim Jordan Comments on the War on Women and Science

Monday morning on Always Right with Bob Frantz, weekday mornings on AM 1420 The Answer, host Frantz welcomed U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio to the show to discuss the war on science and basic human biology.

Frantz: We welcome Jim Jordan back to our program for his regular Monday conversation. Congressman Jordan is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Congressman, good morning. How are you, sir?

Jordan: I’m fine, Bob. Good morning to you, too.

Frantz: Good to talk to you, as always, Congressman. War on science. I’ve decided to start calling it a war on science because I think that’s exactly what it is.

We’ve had lots of wars on this, that, and the other thing. But the Left’s refusal to acknowledge basic human anatomy, human biology, human physiology, chromosomal science, it’s a war on science. And it’s one thing for a pundit to say “I don’t know what a woman is.”

It’s another thing for a Supreme Court Justice nominee to say, I don’t know what a woman is. But when you’re the Secretary of Health and Human Services, that’s an important position.

You ought to be able to define what a woman is. Xavier Becerra refused to do it. So let’s start with this. Show them how easy this is. Congressman Jordan, what is a woman?

Jordan: Yeah, this is the craziest. Like, everyone knows what a woman is, and it’s not Lia Thomas and it’s not Rachel Levine. I mean, come on. But you’re not allowed to say that today. Just like Dr. Fauci couldn’t tell us that, oh, natural immunity is a real thing.

It is all politics and there is no fact, truth, common sense left, and it drives me, and it drives you and I know all your listeners, crazy. Everyone knows what a woman is.

And it’s not what the Left is trying to say. It is it’s not Lia Thomas competing against women in sports. It’s not Rachel Levine. What did she get? Didn’t USA Today make her Woman of the Year?

Frantz: One of the Women of the Year? Yes.

Jordan: This is the whole Babylon Bee. Because the Bee says we’re not going to take down our tweet and bend the knee to the crazy Left because we got common sense, for goodness sake.

Frantz: Yes, well, it drives me crazy, too. And I want to know why this is so difficult for people, because it’s not just Xavier Beccera of Health and Human Services.

The Daily Caller surveyed all 100 senators. Fifty out of 50 Democrats refused to answer what a woman is, but only 15 out of 50 Republicans gave an answer. The rest of them either said “I don’t know” or they did not respond.

I mean, that is astounding to me. We are talking about basic science that your fourth and fifth and sixth grader has to know for their health classes, that a woman has two X chromosomes and is capable of bearing children, or is born with the reproductive organs.

They don’t always work, as we know. There are some women who can’t. I love how they try to say where you’re saying that if I don’t have a uterus and if I’ve had a hysterectomy I’m not a woman?

But you’re born with the ability to bear children or the reproductive organs, and just say these things cannot be, it depends on how this person feels that day.

Jordan: No, it’s crazy. It’s the state of today’s Left. My gut tells me some people just don’t want to get into it because no one likes to talk about those sorts of things.

That’s why I just stick with common sense. Everybody knows it. Everyone knows. Everybody knows. But today’s Left wants all this political craziness.

Again, I think the vast majority of the country has figured it out, just like they figured everything out about the biased administration and the Left that runs the Democrat party. They understand that they’ve screwed up every policy area and now they’re even trying to redefine male and female. So it’s crazy.

Frantz: Yes. And just for the sake of it, Merriam-Webster describes a woman or defines a woman as an adult female. And then you go to female. (Jordan chuckles) and it’s very direct. The being of, or relating to, or being the sex that has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.

Jordan: Yeah, of course.

Frantz: Lia Thomas does not have that. As you say, Rachel does not have that. Neither does anybody else. And yet they want to try to teach children from kindergarten up.

And in fact, it’s happening in preschools that that is not the case, that it depends on how you feel. And when you are born, you are not going to be confined to that particular sex. You can be whatever it is you feel like you want to be. And that is going to destroy children’s minds, but it’s also going to destroy the historically defended definition of the word science as well.

Jordan: What gets me too is the press. The USA Today, Rachel Levine is now one of the Women of the Year. Again, what? What? I don’t get it.

Frantz: I don’t either. And that’s the reason I want to talk about the absurdity of this. But here’s the difficulty, because we don’t get it, and nobody is stepping up to defend and define these scientific and biological words and definitions, children are being abused in this way. The headline in the New York Post yesterday, New Jersey Gender Identity Lessons for First Graders Proves Parents Were Right to Worry. And that’s exactly correct. We are not talking about a small number of people.

This is coast to coast and nationwide this massive rainbow agenda to try to teach children that they aren’t what God made them as, or they don’t have to be, if they decide to make up their minds under extreme urging from their teachers and others. That they can be something else.

Jordan: It’s so sad. I guess, Bob, you’re probably me. When you and I are in first grade, we’re trying to figure out whether we want chocolate or vanilla ice cream when we’re at the thing. And sometimes they just pick one.

These are first graders, teach them to read and write. Get them in gym class, get them busy. It’s like, what the hec, why do we have to talk about those kinds of things with young people? This doesn’t make sense.

Frantz: The president of the United States is still trying to figure out chocolate or vanilla most days. (Laughter)

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