Tennessee Representatives ‘Proud’ and ‘Honored’ by Russian Sanctions Against Them

Eight of Tennessee’s nine members of the House of Representatives were sanctioned by Russia on Wednesday in response to the U.S. sanctioning members of the Russian Duma earlier this year.

In total, 398 members of Congress were listed in the release from Russia; however, some lawmakers were not included because the country took action against them previously.

“These persons, including the leadership and chairmen of the committees of the lower house of the U.S. Congress, are included in the Russian “stop list” on an ongoing basis. Together with other current legislators, who, like Speaker N. Pelosi, were denied entry to the Russian Federation earlier, all U.S. congressmen were subjected to ‘listing’ on the basis of reciprocity,” the translated version of the statement reads. (emphasis added)

The list of Tennessee Representatives was bipartisan, though progressive firebrand Rep Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) escaped the Russian government’s ire in this newest statement from the Kremlin:

– Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN-02)
– Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07)
– Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04)
– Rep. John Rose (R-TN-06)
– Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-TN-01)
– Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN-03)
– Rep. David Kustoff (R-TN-08)
– Jim Cooper (D-TN-05)

In addition to the sanctions, Russia promised further action against the U.S. for its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“With ongoing U.S. sanctions, further announcements of Russian countermeasures are planned in the near future, involving an increase in the number of people on the “stop list” and other retaliatory steps,” the translated version of the release added.

However, several sanctioned members were not bothered by the decision or, in some cases, described the decision as an honor.

“Breaking: I was just sanctioned by Russia. Darn, this means I can’t travel to their crappy country or invest in their worthless economy,” Burchett said.

“I’m proud to be sanctioned by Putin – it means our work to impose costs on his regime for their misdeeds is clearly having an impact,” added Rose.

“I’m honored these sanctions have been levied against me. I will never back down in my support for Ukraine and condemnation of Putin’s atrocities.” said Green

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]


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3 Thoughts to “Tennessee Representatives ‘Proud’ and ‘Honored’ by Russian Sanctions Against Them”

  1. Bill

    I’ve seen little dogs bark on the porch yet never go out in the yard for fear of the bigger dogs. What’s there to brag about really? How about accomplishing something within our own borders? In other words get off the porch and fight against communism within the government, open borders, food shortages, inflation etc. All that your sanctions on Putin is doing is bleeding Americans dry. Congratulations.

  2. william delzell

    I would have to agree with Dave Vance that our country is practicing a double standard over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when we treat refugees from non-European and non-Israeli nations like animals. I would ask Mark Green and Company if they are willing to risk their own lives in fighting Russian troops in Ukraine before they demand any sacrifices from our young people. These hawkish blood-thirsty men and women like Mark Green, Hillary Clinton, et al. should be the first ones we send to the front lines if they lust so badly for world war!

  3. Dave Vance

    So while our country goes to crap and our federal government is spearheading the invasion of our country by illegal aliens you guys are focused on defending another country that we don’t even have a treaty with and is as least corrupt as Russia a country with nukes? And of course all the money being spent over there is just adding to our deficit. Ridiculous!