Former Governor Tommy Thompson Declines Run for 5th Term

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who served four terms in the position, declined to run for the position again, according to a new statement.

The Republican, who retains the title of Wisconsin’s longest-serving governor, reportedly met with former President Donald Trump while he was considering his bid.

“After much thought and difficult deliberation, I can share with you that I have decided against another race for governor. This is a very difficult conclusion. After a full life of service and leading and growing businesses, I know I have the vision, drive and vitality to serve another term as governor. Wisconsin needs strong leadership to bridge political divides, care for our most vulnerable, set our economy on a path to succeed in the 21st century, and again make us the shining star of the nation. I would have brought those qualities and commitment as governor,” he said in a statement obtained by TMJ4.

“I am open and will continue to investigate how I may otherwise serve. I remain determined to participate in efforts to address problems that face us all. I so appreciate and want to thank the many friends who have expressed their gratitude and who encouraged me to run.”

Over the past few years, the former governor served as interim president of the University of Wisconsin System.

Therefore, the GOP primary field will remain the same, for now. Former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, businessman Kevin Nicholson and State Representative Timothy Ramthun are battling for the nomination.

Polls have shown Kleefisch as the front runner. She also had gained endorsements from former Governor Scott Walker, Congressman Tom Tiffany (R-WI-7), and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

On the Democratic side, Governor Tony Evers is running for re-election.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Wisconsin Daily Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Tommy Thompson” by University of Wisconsin System. Background Photo “Wisconsin Capitol” by Carol M. Highsmith.

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One Thought to “Former Governor Tommy Thompson Declines Run for 5th Term”

  1. Dr Ken

    As a former Wisconsinite, I can tell you Tommy was an excellent governor. Evers, the current governor, is a puppet of the national DNC. As an educator one would think he would be more in line with the teaching profession, he is not. One need only listen to the national networks, ABC, CBS, NBC to know how Evers will govern. If Biden’s handlers have him say something we knew Tony Evers was soon to mouth the same. Likewise, everything Fauci said, including his many flip flops, were what Tony would say. Again, I wish Tommy Thompson would run. If not, I would like to see Scott Walker or Paul Ryan seek the position.