Arizona Doubles Victim Protection Order Duration

by Tom Joyce


Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill to protect the victims of crime.

Ducey on Friday signed House Bill 2604, sponsored by Rep. Shawnna Bolick, R-Phoenix. The bill increases the length of protection, letting victims of crime have more time to protect themselves. It passed with unanimous support in both chambers of the legislature.

“Arizona does not tolerate domestic abuse or violence, and we will never stop working to protect victims and their rights,” Governor Ducey said in a press release. “Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, and in the unfortunate case where there is a victim of crime, they should have the right to privacy and isolation from the offender. H.B. 2604 removes barriers to ensure further protection for individuals in immediate and present danger of domestic violence, providing them peace of mind.”

The press release said the bill “increases the effective duration of an order of protection or a modified order of protection from one year to two years after the defendant has been served and extends the effective duration of an emergency order of protection to seven calendar days after issuance.”

Bolick said that this would make the victims of crime feel safe and allow them to protect themselves.

“By doubling the duration of an order of protection, victims can feel safe and secure for longer without the burdens of a judicial process,” Rep. Bolick said. “H.B. 2604 is common sense to improve the safety of survivors and protect them from revictimization.”

Additionally, the bill makes it easier for victims to receive an emergency order. It says that in counties with a population of under 150,000 people, any judge, justice of the peace, magistrate or commissioner can issue an order by phone during the hours that the courts are closed.

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Tom Joyce is a contributor to The Center Square.
Photo “Doug Ducey” by Office of the Arizona Governor. Background Photo “Arizona State Capitol” by Wars. CC BY-SA 3.0.

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