Maury County Mayor and U.S House Candidate Andy Ogles Wins Another TN-5 Straw Poll

Aaron Gulbransen, Political Reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network, reported from the Marshall County Republican Party Annual Dinner and Straw Poll in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

He interviewed several candidates in the Republican Primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat, including Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell, and State Senate aide Tres Wittum.

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, a leading candidate in the race, became famous in Tennessee due to his staunch defense of personal medical freedoms and refusal to institute mask mandates in Maury County, Tennessee.

Beth Harwell, another leading candidate in the TN-5 GOP field, was the first female Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives and is a Trump administration appointee to the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Tres Wittum, a longtime aide in the Tennessee State Senate, is running a campaign based on a strong defense of Tennessee values and recently took issue with Senator Lindsey Graham’s misinformed negative words towards Nashville and the Tennessee Republican Party.

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Aaron Gulbransen: We’re here at the Lewisburg recreation center in Marshall County, Tennessee at the Marshall County Annual Republican Dinner.

Several candidates of the Tennessee 5th congressional district race are speaking, and at the end of the meeting, there will be a straw poll.

The Star News Network spoke with several candidates in the Tennessee 5th congressional district Republican primary, including former Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, senate aide Tres Wittum, and more.

Andy Ogles: You know, I think what people are looking for is – in the vein of Trump, in the vein of DeSantis – is someone who has a proven track record of fighting for freedom and liberty. I have that track record. There’s a lot of momentum, and I won the straw poll handily in Wilson County.

Aaron Gulbransen: One the individuals who was allowed to speak and participate in the straw poll was disqualified candidate, Robby Starbuck.

Beth Harwell: Well, I understand they’ve been involved in the process for a while, and no ill feelings at all. The bottom line is they’re not going to be on the ballot, and so it comes down to who is going to be on the ballot and who people will decide on.

Aaron Gulbransen: How’s the campaign going for you? What are you hearing from the people in the district as you travel around? And I know you’re working very, very hard.

Beth Harwell: We are working hard and gosh, what a lovely district. And it’s an honor to have the opportunity to meet with folks. I’ve lived in this area for 38 years. Feel like I know this area.

Aaron Gulbransen: We also spoke with Senate aide Tres Wittum, who had some very strong words for Senator Lindsey Graham.

Tres Wittum: First off, I want to be very clear. Nobody trashes, Tennessee, especially the good old boys in the United States Senate. We’re a nation of law and order.

I think president Trump made that very clear law and order matters, and Tennessee has laws and we have ordered and law and order in our Party. And so, you know, we can have this family discussion on what we think is fair. That’s why we run for office. But these outside people don’t get to have a say-so in Tennessee, or what Tennessee should do.

Aaron Gulbransen: Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles overwhelmingly won the straw poll.

Andy Ogles: Courage is contagious. And not only did I lead Maury County, but I traveled to other counties, holding rallies, encouraging other mayor and other county commissions hold the line on freedom.

Aaron Gulbransen: The event was completely packed, attendance was great, and enthusiasm for a new Republican U.S. Representative from the 5th Congressional District was in the air. The Republican Party is looking forward to victory in November.


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