TN-5 GOP Congressional Candidate Andy Ogles Raises $453k for Campaign in First Month

The campaign of Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles announced on Tuesday he has raised $453,000 during the first month since he announced his candidacy to secure the Republican nomination in Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District.

Ogles is one of nine qualified candidates on the August 4, 2022 Republican primary ballot for the TN-5 nomination.
Tuesday’s announcement places Ogles in the first tier of candidates for the GOP TN-5 nomination, which includes former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell, who announced she has raised over $360,000 for her campaign during the period ending March 31, 2022, and retired Tennessee National Guard Brigadier General Kurt Winstead, who has raised over $500,000 for his campaign, and loaned an additional $480,000 to his campaign.

“I am humbled and overwhelmed by the support I’ve received since entering the race,” Ogles said in a statement released by his campaign on Tuesday.

“Not only has the fundraising response been incredible, the results in recent straw polls in both Wilson and Marshall Counties, as well as the candidate auction in Williamson County demonstrate the strength of my grassroots campaign,” Ogles added.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Ogles finished in first place in recent straw polls held at GOP county events in Wilson County and Marshall County.

Well-known Nashville business leader and conservative fundraiser Lee Beaman serves as campaign chairman for Ogle’s congressional campaign.

“I recently attended an event with several very conservative Members of Congress who were asking about the 5th Congressional Race and I told them Andy Ogles is Tennessee’s Ron DeSantis and, like the Florida Governor, Andy is a true fighter for the people and he is exactly who we need serving us in Congress,” Beaman said.

The 5th Congressional District is comprised of the southern third of Davidson County, the western portion of Wilson County, the eastern half of Williamson County, and all of Marshall County, Lewis County, and Maury County.

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3 Thoughts to “TN-5 GOP Congressional Candidate Andy Ogles Raises $453k for Campaign in First Month”

  1. Susan

    I appreciate Andy Ogle’s stance on many issues and I live in his county, have been a resident my whole life and I am a grandparent. I also donated and saw how he traveled throughout the state to speak up concerning our conservative values. It’s important to support these candidates. Our future is at stake and we shouldn’t back down on the issues!

    The left isn’t very confident when they use strong arm tactics to try to force everything through and we needn’t think they have all the advantages. Their thinking is so flawed and they can’t win that way, so unless you are brainwashed, you won’t get in line with their ultimate stupidity.

  2. Cryan

    Harwell came out for legal pot years ago. I’m not sure Ogles can win over Davidson County Republicans from California unless he does the same, but I wish him the best. I still think he made a strategic error in his political career by not primarying lockdown tyrant Bill Lee and running in this wishy-washy new district, but hopefully this works out for him.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      As I so sagely said Cryan when I believe it was you who so foolishly suggested that Lee had any real possibility of serious opposition to his renomination and reelection, we hardly ever change governors after one term in Tennessee. A plurality of Republicans in 2018 we’re feelin’ lucky so they voted for a No Record Candidate for governor, and now we’re stuck with him for eight long years. I don’t think there are enough former Californian Republican potheads to swing the 5th district Republican primary one way or another so long as my fellow conservative banish any thought of feelin’ lucky and just go vote for Andy.