Hillary Factor: Evidence Now Shows False Russia Collusion Story Began and Ended with Clinton

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Photo “Hillary Clinton” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 3.0. Background Photo “Kremlin” by Bluesnap.

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3 Thoughts to “Hillary Factor: Evidence Now Shows False Russia Collusion Story Began and Ended with Clinton”

  1. william r. delzell

    I never bought Hillary Clinton’s (and her fellow establishment Blue Dog Democrats’) anti-Russian agenda any more than I buy the Tea Party’s anti-Chinese, anti-North Korean, anti-Hatian, and anti-Castro’s agenda. Hillary Clinton and her fellow Blue Dog Democrats are simply trying to out-hawk and out-war monger the G.O.P. She deserved to lose the election, even though it meant a Trump victory. I voted for Green Party-nominee Jill Stein as I could not stand either two of the chief parties presidential nominees for 2016. If Hillary is so eager for blood, let’s send her, her husband, and their pampered daughter, Chelsea, to the Ukraine to show how “brave” they are instead of sacrificing our young people or existing soldiers! We should have done the same to Truman, his wife Bess, and his pampered daughter, Margaret, during the Korean Peninsula’s Civil War during 1950!

  2. Dr Ken

    This conduct from Hillary should surprise no one. It should, however, embarrass those in the media who blindly followed her deceitful misrepresentations. This woman is a bad character dating back to her first job out of law school, a volunteer position with the prosecuting Watergate team. She was quickly dismissed for dishonesty. That pattern of conduct from her has persisted her whole adult life. She lied about Whitewater, she lied about Foster, she lied about her server while Secretary of State. She lied during her debates in the democrat primary against Bernie Sanders disavowing she received the questions prior to the debate. That was proven false, she lied. I agree with Steve Allen’s comments, the larger crime is that she has not been prosecuted.

  3. Steve Allen

    The true crime is that she will never be charged or held accountable. She, like all the other dishonest people that make our government continue to get away with crimes that would put the common person in jail. The biggest example is the Biden crime family, as well as all of the legislators who are invested in the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured the covid “vaccines”.