Marsha Blackburn Says April ‘Worst Month For Illegal Immigration Ever Recorded’

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn, the senior senator from Tennessee, said April was the worst month for illegal immigration that the United States has ever had.

In a tweet, Senator Blackburn said, “Even with Title 42 still in place, this April was the worst month for illegal immigration ever recorded. Ending Title 42 would be a mistake of catastrophic proportions.”

The tweet additionally shared Blackburn’s exchange with FoxNews host Harris Faulkner.

Blackburn said in the interview, “We’re very concerned. Right now, 6,000 people per day is about what the border patrol is dealing with. When Title 42 goes away they anticipate – this is border patrol’s number – that it will be 18,000 a day.”

“So, look at that, from 6,000 to 18,000,” the senator continued. “The cartels are global organizations. Last year they brought people from 160 different countries to our southern border. Among that, you had about 40 known terrorists that were apprehended.”

Blackburn discussed what Border Patrol needs to deal with the illegal immigration crisis.

“So, Harris, this is what the border patrol is dealing with and this is why for 30 years they have been saying we need three things,” she said. “We need a wall. We need better technology. We need more officers and agents on the ground.”

“They thought that they were going to get that wall. They’re not. Now, Title 42, Remain in Mexico – things that helped them to stave of the influx of illegal entry, whether its drugs, whether its human trafficking, gangs, sex trafficking, now, that is going away,” Blackburn added.

The Tennessee Star reported in April that Blackburn joined a group of her Republican colleagues in sending a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas regarding the “dangerous and reckless decision” to rescind the Title 42 Order issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“Rescinding the Title 42 Order during a border crisis, and with knowledge of a building surge of illegal immigrants, presents a serious threat to public safety,” the senators wrote to the secretary.

“This decision is being made amidst alarming reports the Administration is preparing for a surge of 170,000 illegal immigrants who will attempt to enter the United States if the Biden Administration rescinds Title 42,” they continued in the letter. “Other reports state that the Department of Homeland Security estimates up to 60,000 illegal immigrants are already waiting at the border in anticipation of this policy being rescinded.”

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.



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2 Thoughts to “Marsha Blackburn Says April ‘Worst Month For Illegal Immigration Ever Recorded’”

  1. Dr Ken

    This administration has made an absolute mess of immigration and the Southern border. When thinking the cause, it is clear, i.e., when we know exactly who is running the White House. Is it Biden or is it his teleprompter programmer? At first, I thought it was Joe’s conscience in that he truly didn’t give a rip about those involved. Conscience refers to the person knowing right from wrong. The then more I thought, the correct word is conscious, Joe’s consciousness. The man, due to dementia onset, is cognitively impaired, he is not fully in control of his faculties..

  2. Rog

    Stating the obvious, my expectation is that Congress and the Judiciary resolve the problem.