Metro Nashville Government Asks for Public Feedback on Measures to Address ‘Climate Change’

Metro Government and the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) are soliciting public feedback on potential measures to address “climate change.”

In a tweet, NDOT said, “Metro Nashville wants to hear from YOU by Tuesday, May 31! Your answers to the Climate Action Plan Survey will help shape how the city addresses climate change. #climateactionnash,” and then linked to a survey.

The survey begins with an introduction. “In February 2020, Mayor John Cooper established a Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) of over 50 community volunteers. In early 2021, the SAC presented its recommendations to address climate change. Climate change is real, and it is already harming Middle Tennessee,” it says. “But our actions can make a difference. (For more information about climate change in Nashville, the SAC, and its recommendations check out our Frequently Asked Questions.)”

“Now, Metro Nashville and the SAC want to hear from YOU. This survey will take about 10 minutes. Your ideas will help us decide how to tackle climate change in Nashville. Thank you,” it added.

Respondents are then asked to rank three strategies in order of importance in the following categories: saving energy in buildings, cleaning up electricity, reducing landfill trash, and electrifying motor vehicles.

Choices include: “Educate Nashville Electric Service customers about energy efficiency,” “Get privately-owned buildings to meet energy-efficiency targets,” “Give Nashville Electric Service (NES) customers credit for the renewable energy (e.g., solar) they generate,” “Find low-performing Metro buildings and make energy-saving improvements to them,” “Get NES’s 100 largest customers to install solar panels,” “Set a city-wide clean electricity goal,” “Require recycling of construction and demolition waste,” “Require users to pay for the amount of trash they throw away,” “Require new homes be “EV-Ready” (ready to charge an electric vehicle),” “Ban food scraps from trash collection and start curbside compost collection,” and “Ask big companies to add electric vehicle charging onsite.”

Respondents are further asked to rank ways to “reduce vehicle miles traveled.”

Once those parts of the survey are completed, the public is asked to post their “ideas for other ways to fight climate change in Nashville” and to discuss barriers that prevent individuals from “going green.”

The survey concludes by asking for demographic information. The choices for gender in the survey include Transgender Female, Transgender Male, and Gender Variant/non-conforming.

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11 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville Government Asks for Public Feedback on Measures to Address ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jay

    I hear that liberals and professional football stadiums are the major cause of climate change.

  2. Wayne Forkum

    The climate changes. Naturally we should adapt like humans have done for ever. First it was a new ice age and when that didn’t work it’s warming. That didn’t work either. Now it’s climate change. Got a win win their. When has climate not changed.

  3. Henny Weissinger

    Wake up Nashville, we have climate change ever day and we have for millions of years .Let’s concentrate on keeping cheap energy in Tennessee.TVA has taken steps to burn coal with scrubbers and parcipatators. We are paying for it everyday. The Tennessee Valley air is cleaner than it has ever been.If we close these base load plants ,we will be forced to buy power from neighboring utilities. That will be very expensive. The science is Not supporting the climate change junkies.For once let’s use some common sense , please.

  4. Dwayne Oxford

    Survey is TRASH, conceived by dolt dimmercraps. Bunch of bad canned “solutions” you MUST check to finish it.

  5. 83ragtop50

    The climate would change dramatically for the better if the mayor and city council members resigned today.

  6. LM

    How about , spend our (taxpayers’) money on real issues, not made up ones? Climate change theory is a globalist elite control scam, and the lib-tards go for it, hook, line, and sinker.

  7. ricky keane

    Global warming is a figment of one’s imagination. We as residents of Nashville are more concerned with the clear and present dangers we face daily ie being car jacked at gunpoint, out of control of juvenile crime, and or our family being injuried by intoxicated/imparied drivers. The lunatics in city hall cannot comprehend that safety of it’s residents should be the number 1 priority and not waste time and valuable resources on issues that they cannot control or affect. Beam me up Scotty !

  8. Barry

    None of that stuff will have an impact on climate change. Solar panels’ production is very harmful and require harmful maintenance. EVs just mean more electrical production, which requires more harmful use of resources. On and on. But they will make everyone poor except people who’re already ultra-rich.

    Eliminating zoning laws to allow more density and mixed-use is the only thing governments can do. It’s the only thing they won’t do because they like high cost of housing due to scarcity.

  9. Ms Independent

    There is no global warming. Snake oil salesman Algore should be in prison for starting this fake hysteria!

    1. mikey whipwreck

      he made tens of millions on the lie, that’s why he does it.

      sad there is no justice for his bilking us all.