Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association Endorses Beth Harwell for TN-5

The Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association (TPFFA) endorsed former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat.

Harwell’s campaign, in an exclusive statement provided to The Tennessee Star on Tuesday, announced the TPFFA endorsement.

TPFFA President Matthew Tomek said in a written letter sent to Harwell, “The Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association is proud to support the election of candidates, like you, who measure up on the issues that most concern our members. We are advocates for positive legislation for Tennessee Fire and Emergency Medical Services Professionals. We look forward to working with you on matters impacting the firefighting and emergency medical services professions and public safety in our great state.”

Harwell said of the endorsement, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of TPFFA and proud to stand with the men and women who run head-on into danger to protect their communities. It is imperative that our emergency services are fully funded with the resources they need to keep our families safe. I look forward to building this partnership and working with the TPFFA as their advocate in Congress.”

According to the Harwell campaign statement, the TPFFA has “5,800 active and retired members across the state, TPFFA represents full-time firefighters, fire instructors, EMS, fire and EMS dispatchers and other emergency service providers in Tennessee. The group endorses candidates who stand with and listen to the needs of firefighters and EMS regardless of political affiliation.”

The Star previously reported that Harwell is endorsed by two conservative national women’s PACs.

In mid-March, Maggie’s List endorsed the campaign, saying that Harwell “will get the job done for such a time as this.”

In late-March, VIEWPAC endorsed Harwell as well.

“As Speaker of the House, Beth Harwell broke barriers and fought for Tennesseans every step of the way. She led with the same principled conservative values we need more of in Washington, cutting taxes and standing up for Tennessee families to expand education access,” said Julie Conway, VIEWPAC’s executive director. “VIEWPAC is proud to endorse Beth in her run to represent Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District and are glad to welcome her into our fold of strong, Republican women.”

The first female to attain the position of Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Harwell is considered among the top contenders in the August 4 Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected] Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.
Photo “Beth Harwell” by Beth Harwell. Background Photo “Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association” by Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association.




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2 Thoughts to “Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association Endorses Beth Harwell for TN-5”

  1. lb

    What exactly did she do but go along to get along as a RINO and enable the increase in the gas tax (by not pushing back and staying silent on lobbying against it)
    She is just another RINO gopE and should NOT be Voted into Congress. Times have changed since she was in the Leg–it’s America 1st’s agenda that is in the forefront of Voter’s minds–not Harwell’s gopE democrat light view

  2. 83ragtop50

    Not impressed by Harwell nor her crony supporters.