GOP Senate Nominee Herschel Walker Goes on Offensive Against Raphael Warnock, Launches First Ad of General Election

GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker, who overwhelmingly secured the Republican nomination, launched his first ad against incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock.

In the 30-second clip, Walker blasts the Democrat for his support of Joe Biden’s policies, which he argues has led to an increase in prices of consumer goods.

“In the Senate, Raphael Warnock supports Joe Biden 96 percent of the time and votes with Chuck Schumer 99 percent of the time. Warnock supports crippling energy regulations, doubling gas prices, and driving up the costs of the groceries we buy,” the video contends.

The primary elections demonstrated little competition for either Walker or Warnock; however, the matchup between the two will likely be a battleground for control of the U.S. Senate and increasingly expensive.

During the campaign, Walker will likely connect the lawmaker to Biden, whose approval numbers continue to sink.

For example, similar to his voting record, Warnock recently opposed a measure to lift a mask mandate implemented by President Biden on young children in Head Start programs.

“Last week, Senator Warnock said the problems caused by his voting record weren’t his fault – because he’s not a magician,” said campaign spokeswoman Mallory Blount. “By voting to continue to mandate masks on kids – despite not wearing one himself on a plane and being perfectly fine with journalists, Hollywood celebrities, and liberal elites having a maskless dinner in D.C. last weekend – Senator Warnock has shown he cares more about what Joe Biden thinks than what Georgians want. Georgians don’t want a magician, Senator – they just want you to do your job. You’ve failed again.”

The latest average of polls gives Walker a slight edge over the Democrat as the groups progress to the November election.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden” by Herschel Walker. 



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