Another Tennessee Democrat Legislator Grandstands on Anti-Gun Legislation

Far-left Democrat State Representative Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) joined other Tennessee liberals demanding gun control in the state.

“Yes, I have every intention of bringing back my red flag bill, as well as my safe storage legislation in January,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

Johnson has tweeted a number of times in recent days on the gun issue.

“I am a #GunOwnersForSafety and the Russian asset, the NRA, doesn’t represent me,” she said on Saturday, responding to a call by David Hogg to use that hashtag in tweets lambasting the National Rifle Association.

Previously, The Tennessee Star reported State Representative John Ray Clemmons (D-Nashville) also called for anti-gun legislation. He wants the General Assembly to have a special session.

Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) does not support Clemmon’s call for a special session. Sexton said that Clemmons is “trying to be relevant while politically grandstanding.”

“He knows Tennessee state law only applies to individuals 21 and over for permitless carry, while the individual in Texas was 18,” the speaker said.

Prior to that response issued to The Star, Sexton issued a statement on the idea of a special session on gun control.

“I don’t understand the request to call for a special session due to the tragic event in Texas when the active shooter was 18, and Tennessee’s law for permitless carry legislation is for individuals over the age of 21,” he said. “During incidents like these, some will immediately blame the gun – I think we need to better understand our youth and students; we all know teen suicide rates are increasing. What is causing that? Why did this individual believe this action was appropriate? Were any signs missed?”

Sexton did mention ideas designed to secure schools in his statement.

“I am in favor of enhancing and extending funding to continue having School Resource Officers (SROs) at every school to strengthen security measures at the facility, providing active training to our educators on how to prevent, mitigate, and respond to a violent, critical incident, and by adding more wraparound mental health services for students – like additional social workers and psychologists so students can have intervention before a crisis arises,” he said.

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6 Thoughts to “Another Tennessee Democrat Legislator Grandstands on Anti-Gun Legislation”

  1. Stephen

    When dems have a difficult time explaining anything they dislike, they always throw in “Russia”. As soon as she mentioned “Russian Asset” she turned me off. Of course, anything the dems say or do turns me off as I considered them the destroyers of our country. This flako does not represent me.

  2. Phil

    Everything I don’t like is a Russian asset.

  3. TJ

    Wrong state honey boo boo, CA is a little ways to the left.

    Someone who pushes the asinine idea that the NRA is a Russian asset has zero legitimacy. This is who taught special education and is a representative…the only place this cow should be is the asylum.

  4. LM

    Dems want to let the criminals run free, and destroy any emotional support ,or moral training that children might get at home from a nuclear family with a biological male , and a biological female parent who are married. Then they want to make a distinction between women killing children in their wombs, and a man killing children in a school. Then they want to blame “guns” and use it as a control lever. They are an evil lot.

  5. jamesb

    two more lefties that don’t understand life. lack of parenting, violent video games and gangster rap music that belittle women and authority are our problem along with these idiots who blame a piece of metal that if never touched harms no one and in the hands of law abiding and knowledgeable people is harms no one.


  6. Randy

    Vote for David (Pozy) Poczobut and the people of Knox County District 90 can have better representation than the likes of this one.