Tennessee Department of Education Announces New Resources on ‘Grow Your Own’ Initiative

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) released new resources on the “Grow Your Own” educator initiative on Tuesday.

New resources released include a new webpage, one-sheets, and videos to support anyone interested in participating in an initiative.

“Tennessee was the first state in the country to sponsor Teacher Occupation Apprenticeship programs between school districts and Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs), and Tennessee’s Teacher Apprenticeship model aligns leading practices in teacher preparation and development with the rigors of the nationally registered apprenticeship process,” TDOE said in a statement.

“As a part of the department’s Best for All strategic plan, the Grow Your Own initiative aims to provide all Tennessee students with access to a high-quality education and an effective teacher to support learning in every classroom,” continued the statement.

“Tennessee’s Grow Your Own work is a game-changer – and a lasting one, for educators, students, and our nation,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “This investment in quality of programming will pay off for years and ultimately ensure a permanent, sustainable source of effective teachers that our students need and deserve. We hope this webpage serves as a resource for other states to replicate this work and build up our nation’s teacher talent pipeline to ensure every child, in every classroom, has an excellent educator they most need – and deserve.”

“The GYO webpage is designed to support teacher candidates seeking more information on pathways to enter the classroom. This initial version allows candidates to find high-level information and key resources designed to support their program inquiries and selection,” said TDOE.

According to the TDOE website, “Tennessee has set a new path for the educator profession as the top state to become and remain a teacher and leader for all. Tennessee’s Grow Your Own work has supported partnerships between Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to provide innovative, no-cost pathways to the teaching profession and will continue to build pipelines of qualified teachers and school district professionals.”

“Tennessee’s Apprenticeship Model aligns leading practices in teacher preparation and development with the rigors and funding of the national registered apprenticeship process,” TDOE explains. “A Registered Apprenticeship Program is a proven model of professional training that has been validated by either the USDOL or a State Apprenticeship Agency. Tennessee’s Teacher Occupation Apprenticeship was the first of its kind federally registered through the USDOL, meeting national quality standards that are hallmarks for both employers and job seeking apprentices.”

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3 Thoughts to “Tennessee Department of Education Announces New Resources on ‘Grow Your Own’ Initiative”

  1. Wolf Woman

    “Grow your own Initiative” seems to me to be a website that functions as a headhunter for teachers and educators, whatever that is (principals? staff? bureaucrats?).

    My guess is that teaching is such a stressful job now that none of the young people want to go into the profession. A teacher has to be a therapist, a social worker, a “woke” indoctrinator, and oh yeah, and a teacher of a strange form of math, reading and writing for children (and parents) who have not been taught manners, responsibility or respect for others.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Penny Schwinn and the other supposed educational administrators will spend outlandish amounts of money and resources on anything but holding school administrators and teachers accountable for their jobs of providing a quality, though already overly expensive, public education. We do not need programs and platitudes. We deserve result. Lee is an absolute failure in this and in so many other ways. Get rid of him and Schwinn.

  3. Randy

    Another academic success????? Rolling out another taxpayer funded program based on the judgement of people in a system that continues to fail, that in reality will not produce any results.