Winstead Campaign to Hold Out-of-State Fundraiser with D.C. Lobbyists and Morgan Ortagus

Kurt Winstead’s campaign for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District seat is scheduled to hold an out-of-state fundraiser with D.C. lobbyists and disqualified TN-5 candidate Morgan Ortagus on  June 15.

The event will be held at the home of Jeff Miller, the founder and CEO of Miller Strategies, LLC.

It is styled as a meet-and-greet, but the document obtained by The Tennessee Star does contain encouragement for financial contributions.

Miller’s website says, “With more than 25 years of experience in Republican leadership roles, Jeff has built a reputation as a nationally respected Republican strategist, fundraiser, and public affairs advisor. In fact, a recent Associated Press article highlighted Miller as ‘very influential in Washington, a leading fundraiser,’ and a ‘powerbroker.’

Miller has served as finance chair of the 2020 Republican National Convention, vice finance chair of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, political advisor for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, finance chair for the California Republican Party, the California campaign chair for Perry for President in 2012, co-finance chair for the Republican Governors Association, and political advisor to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His firm has or currently represents clients that include: Amazon Web Services, AshBritt Environmental, The Blackstone Group, Charles Schwab, PhRMA, PG&E, and Dow Chemical.

In addition to Miller and Ortagus, Sam Geduldig and John Stipicevic of the public affairs firm CGCN are on the host committee for the event.

Sam Geduldig is the co-CEO of CGCN. His bio on the company website says, “In addition to his work with CGCN Group, Geduldig is also a partner at United by Interest, Washington’s first bipartisan majority minority-owned lobbying firm.”

“Before joining CGCN in 2007, Geduldig served in multiple roles for John Boehner before the Ohio Republican became speaker. He also worked as a top aide on the House Financial Services Committee to then-Chairman Mike Oxley. Geduldig spent four years as the top liaison between House GOP leaders and the business community as a senior advisor to then-House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, now in the U.S. Senate,” it adds.

United by Interest’s section on CGCN’s website states, “In our rapidly changing political environment, the traditional top-down approach is no longer good enough for businesses to achieve their public policy goals. Success requires broad coalitions and key relationships at every level. That’s why CGCN is proud to partner with United by Interest (UBI), the first bipartisan, majority-minority owned government relations and public affairs firm in Washington. People often talk about desiring bipartisanship, but the team at UBI has a track record of accomplishing it. Their coalition-building combined with CGCN’s best in class advocacy and communications capabilities mean we’re ready to tackle any challenge. From the grassroots all the way to the most exclusive halls of power, CGCN and UBI will build an integrated strategy to engage the right people to deliver the results you need. How can CGCN + UBI help you?”

John Stipicevic is the CGCN chief advocacy office, which is another way of saying chief lobbyist. His bio says, “John Stipicevic understands the inner-workings of the House floor – and what it takes to pass or stop legislation – as well as anyone in Washington. He spent nearly a dozen years in the Capitol, most recently as a top aide to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He helped party leaders and chairmen craft legislative strategies and count votes, as well as playing key roles in a number of contested leadership races.”

“Recognized as a “Top Lobbyist” by The Hill newspaper, Stipicevic spent a decade at the center of every major issue before the House of Representatives,” it continues. “He was a member of the whip operations under Rep. McCarthy and his predecessors, former Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor and former Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt.”

CGCN’s other co-CEO is Matt Rhoades, the 2012 campaign manager for the Romney/Ryan presidential campaign.

Several prominent employees at the organization previously worked for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, U.S. Representative Liz Cheney, Bush for President, McCain for President, and other GOP establishment figures.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected] Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.
Photo “Kurt Winstead” by Kurt Winstead. Photo “Morgan Ortagus” by Morgan Ortagus. 



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15 Thoughts to “Winstead Campaign to Hold Out-of-State Fundraiser with D.C. Lobbyists and Morgan Ortagus”

  1. Aries9899

    Stuart, lol. Every time one of his ads come on the radio I throw up a bit in my mouth because they are so saccharine it’s nauseating. I’m not sure who is buying this crap of his but apparently someone must be. Unfortunately, I’m not in CD7. I’d love to be able to vote for Andy Ogles in the race.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Are you in CD 5? If so, you’re in for that’s where Andy is running for the open seat.

    2. Stuart I. Anderson

      And btw Aries, enough bought it in 2018 to elect Lee governor in a four man race, Chris Deveny is betting that it will be enough to elect Winstead in a three man race in 2022.

  2. Mark Knofler

    Yeah, if he’s being backed by Hotpants Ortagus then he’s done. Projecting to potential constituents you are more concerned with getting elected and serving donors issues. And not pounding the pavement hearing from voters.

    After all, courting the swamp worked great for Ms Morgan. Didn’t it! Dude may to dumb to hold office, or should be running on the other side.

  3. Trevor

    We need a Tennessee/ America first congressman like Andy Ogles! Winstead has a bunch anti MAGA support! Ogles for Tennessee 6th! MAGA 👍🇺🇸

  4. Nancy

    Thus guy as Trump says “fake news” w instead is a democrat who has a long history of financially supporting democrats! Andy Ogkes is the true Tennessee conservative! We do not need another fake conservative like little Bob Corker and now RINO Bill Hagerty! Ogkes for the district!’🇺🇸

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Nancy, Bob Corker left the Congress with a miserable Heritage score of 63%. Bill Hagerty has a spectacularly impressive Heritage score of 92% which makes Hagerty 29% more conservative than Corker yet for some reason you have it stuck in your mind that there is some equivalence between the two. To be so right about Ogles, and so wrong about Hagerty – very strange.

      1. Andrea

        Sen. Hagerty is coming to Rutherford Co Repub event next week. We are lucky to have him as our US Senator. Doing a great job.

  5. paulJ

    Miller is also on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Imagine that.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Maybe he will play it up like the good old country bumpkin going to Washington like the old movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.

    He surely does smell. I guess he got tired of playing weekend warrior.

  7. Stuart I. Anderson

    It’s so nice for the Republican establishment to show their enthusiasm for No Record Candidate Winstead this early in the campaign. It can be expected that much of that same establishment will support Beth Harwell as well thus dividing the centrist/tepid conservative vote between them. This presents a wonderful opportunity for Andy Ogles to unite conservatives behind his candidacy. Come on conservatives let’s get it done!

  8. Kevin

    This is the Swamp personified!

    Imagine the “behind the scenes action that must be going on trying to get a Trump endorsement! Between Ortagus and Winstead, they’ve got to be wearing out kneepads like crazy!

  9. Randy

    Just what we need, another fat cat Washington insider serving at the public trough rather than serving the public trust.

  10. Mary

    Something stinks with this guy!

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      It’s those Winstead ads Mary. They cause a build up of glucose in your bloodstream that eventually affects your sense of smell. Only a few more weeks. In the meantime, we either avoid radio and TV or sweets and starch.