Commentary: Biden and Evers Are Failing Moms

by Megan Novak


President Joe Biden’s and Governor Tony Evers’ policies are driving up inflation on everyday goods, making it more expensive to fill up at the pump, and causing supply chain disruptions making it hard to find family necessities. The biggest loser under these policies? Moms.

The massive spending sprees and burdensome regulations coming from Washington, D.C., and supported by Governor Evers, are only making matters worse for family budgets. As a new mom, I know first-hand how the rising cost of groceries, gas, daycare, and diapers affects my family’s ability to budget and make ends meet.

Having recently switched our baby to whole milk, I’m aware that inflation has driven up the cost of milk nearly 15 percent from last year. With diesel and gas getting more expensive every day, it will cost more for farmers to transport their milk from the farm to the grocery store. How much more will milk cost by the end of summer? A box of diapers has gone up in price, too. We switched to a generic brand a few months ago, but now the generic is the same price as name brand was a year ago.

Perhaps worst of all for moms across the country: formula is nearly impossible to find. I have spent recent weeks trying to connect moms from across the country to ship hard to find cans of formula to other moms who can’t find their needed brand locally. Every time I go to the store, I look for five different brands of formula for my friends who are now struggling to keep their babies fed. While the recent recall of formula has had some impact on the available supply, the supply of so many family necessities has been diminished by long-term manufacturing workforce disruptions caused by pandemic lockdowns (which were exacerbated by the supplemental employment checks that Governor Evers refused to end).

President Biden and Governor Evers have not offered any serious solutions to help stop inflation, fix the supply chain disruptions, and get our economy back on track. If Governor Evers had his way, we’d be facing billions in new taxes and a gas tax hike tied to inflation. If President Biden had his way, we’d be facing over 36 tax hikes and trillions in wasteful government spending.

Moms in Wisconsin and across the country can’t afford the Biden-Evers economy much longer.

– – –

Megan Novak is a new mom and the legislative director for Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin.



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