Commentary: Yes, They’re Coming for Your Guns

handgun with ammo
by Ned Ryun


Perhaps, like me, you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that the un-American Left is ignorant of many things. But then they open their mouths and remove all doubt.

The most recent example comes from the gaping maw of Elie Mystal on MSNBC, where he claimed that, like everything else in this country apparently, the Second Amendment is the creation of long-dead, racist white supremacists who supported it for the sole purpose of putting down slave revolts keeping the enslaved populations in bondage. Of course, there is as much “truth” to that as there is in the 1619 Project. Progressives use such revisionist history to discredit the founders so that they can dismantle the founders’ republic.

The basic history lesson the Left seems to have missed while being indoctrinated in our schools is this: the founders believed in natural inherent rights—ones that were given to human beings by their Creator. As these were rights given by a transcendent source. They understood that no earthly power—say, a despotic British empire—could legitimately take them away. Among those rights were life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and property, but that was just a start to their list. In fact, Alexander Hamilton didn’t think a Constitution could ever be written that could fully enumerate all human rights.

In this discussion of rights, understand that the founders also viewed as inherent the right to property. As Madison wrote, “There is a right to property and a property in rights.” These beliefs informed the founders’ construction of the machinery of government in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which are really nothing more than an attempt to spell out and codify higher, transcendent law so it can be formed into a workable form of earthly government. Because of that, the founders also believed that a free populace had the right, if not the responsibility, to protect their God-given rights with anything and everything at their disposal; to not defend their natural rights was to shame their Maker.

It was to that end the Second Amendment was written. When all arguments and words failed in the defense of natural rights, the last defense is an armed one. The Second Amendment is for when the talking is done and the shooting begins. A “well-regulated militia” did not mean, as Progressives insist it does, some formal government entity, the membership of which is determined by the government. The founders simply meant that citizens needed to have the right to possess weapons sufficient to organize themselves into militias. In no way did they imagine government regulation of who gets a gun or who doesn’t.

The founders defined a well-regulated militia as one well armed with the best muskets, supplied with copious amounts of ammunition, and regularly drilled to maintain proficiency with those weapons. Again, revisionists want to define words in terms suited to their altered telling of history, but that’s antithetical to the historical method, real history, and the founders’ use of the terms.

All of which is to say that I am pretty sure the founders would have advocated Stingers, Javelins, and machine guns (and, yes, even tanks) for private citizens to use in defense of their rights today. They were all for the people being as well-armed as any government in order that they would serve as a bulwark against the government becoming despotic and attempting to take away their rights.

Case in point: When the founders were confronting an increasingly draconian British government, and all attempts at dialogue with the Empire failed, they were simultaneously and actively smuggling and stealing cannons and gunpowder; dare I say, actively smuggling and arming with “weapons of war.”

So all this talk from Progressives about why the Second Amendment is really just a well-regulated, government-sponsored militia can be summed up in one word: gibberish.

What the un-American Left really wants is to destroy the American people’s right to self-defense. Why? Because it’s much, much harder to send people to reeducation camps where “conscience reformation” can happen when those people are shooting back at you.

In watching recent events unfold, I’ve concluded the irreligious, un-American Left simply hates you and your rights. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they don’t, that somehow they’re rational human beings who can be reasoned with, or that ultimately they want what’s best for the American people. If they did, then Joe Biden would never have just admitted that his administration had no interest in hardening schools against potential attacks in the future. They want to take away your rights and your ability to defend yourself. Period.

If you want to ignore what is happening and where it will ultimately end if we’re not careful, it’s a free country and that is your prerogative. Just don’t whine when the country is no longer free and they come knocking at your door and you have no means of resisting them when they tell you to get on the trains headed to reeducation camps.

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Ned Ryun reports for American Greatness.







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10 Thoughts to “Commentary: Yes, They’re Coming for Your Guns”

  1. They are not “ignorant,” Mr. Ryun; they are malicious and power-hungry. All else is exculpation of one sort or another…and it is false.

  2. Tim Price

    We have everything to worry about because Biden wants to take every gun from every law abiding citizen. The government can not guarantee that all criminals and crazies will lose their guns so they will let all the special people continue to have armed guards and security. So the average law abiding citizens will be screwed again. Luckily, they are many people who will fight to the death before they give up their weapons. So you and you Democrat buddies will have a lot of blood on your hand ms should this crap go thru.

  3. Truthy McTruthFace

    yes, they want to take them all and anyone who says otherwise is lying

  4. william delzell

    If you’re a law-abiding citizen who uses their gun only for self-defense or for hunting, you have nothing to worry about. Even several gun-owners support registration of firearms and background checks to keep those with felony records or with mental instability from accessing firearms. The sole purpose of gun registration and background checks is to prevent more Uvaldes from happening again. What if it were YOUR children who got shot in Uvalde? Do you really think that arming our children, teachers, and pets, will stop a sniper? Not everybody has perfect aim!

    1. Steve Allen

      I am a law abiding citizen and I use my firearms for hunting and (potentially) self defense, as well as target shooting. While some gun owners may support firearms registration I can guarantee they are in the minority, and in all likelihood voted for Grandpa Simpson. I have no problem with background checks, I’ve had many completed on me with out incident and I’ve preformed over 200 background checks on potential gun buyers. The Uvalde shooter passed his background check…fat lot of good that did! The NICS system for checking the background of potential purchasers is only as good as the data that gets entered into it, IF it gets entered. That is the weak link that needs to be corrected. The obvious issue with UBCs is that they are unenforceable unless the government knows who owns which firearms.

      William, if you have no problem with mandatory firearms registration you have obviously forgotten your history. Some of the most despicable megalomaniacs in history were only able to commit their crimes against humanity after humanity had been forced to give up their means of self defense. You don’t think that’s possible here in America in the 21st century? Ever since 9-11 and the Chinese virus, nothing is out of the realm of the possible. Add to that the Lefts continuing attempts to de-fund the police and the resulting shortages of LEOs, and the frightening jump in crime since the covid plandemic, and it’s no wonder there are an estimated 2.5 million new, first time gun owners during this time.

      These people have realized that the current government is not going to take care of them and behaves more like an dishonest adversary. If you think the police are going to be able to save you from a violent attack, you’re dreaming. And if you think it’s not possible for the government to decide one day that there will be no private ownership of firearms in America….have another glass of kool-aid. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but the democrats in Washington do not have the best interest of America at heart and the majority of Americans know it. Our displeasure will be voiced during the next two elections, if we make it that far.

    2. Tim Price

      We have everything to worry about because Biden wants to take every gun from every law abiding citizen. The government can not guarantee that all criminals and crazies will lose their guns so they will let all the special people continue to have armed guards and security. So the average law abiding citizens will be screwed again. Luckily, they are many people who will fight to the death before they give up their weapons. So you and you Democrat buddies will have a lot of blood on your hand ms should this crap go thru.

    3. mike

      Hunter Biden lied on his background check and nothing was done. Registering a gun does nothing to prevent evil people from doing evil deeds.

    4. Hal P

      BS the sole purpose of gun registration is Confiscation.. Period.
      Please learn you history.

      It has happened multiple times in the past 100 yrs and tens of millions of people paid with their lives.

  5. Steve Allen

    On the subject of enforcing the laws that are currently on the books. When is Hunter Biden going to be charged for lying on the 4473 form when he indicated that he was NOT a user of illegal drugs. I think the penalty is a $100,000.00 fine and/or 10 years in jail. Here’s a link to an article from the Washington Post that details the extent the federal government goes to prosecute people who lie on this form;

    Yea, let’s pass more feel good legislation that will be selectively enforced.

    And here’s the smoking gun for the Uvalde shooting. Where does a newly minted 18 year old get the funds to purchase firearms and ammunition totaling, roughly, between $6K and $9K? If he was able to save all of that from his job at a fast food resto he was one thrifty fellow. His repeated violent behaviors were reported but no one did anything. So someone PLEASE explain to me how more laws that penalize law abiding firearms owners are going to solve any problems if the laws we already have are not enforced????