All-Star Panelists Crom Carmichael and Dr. Carol Swain Speculate on San Francisco Mayor’s Choice for Next D.A.

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed all-star panelists Dr. Carol M. Swain and Crom Carmichael in-studio to discuss the recall of San Francisco district attorney, George Soros-supported candidates, and crime in the city.

Gulbransen: Crom, you were following this, and this was big news, kind of national news: the recall of the San Francisco district attorney.

Carmichael: Yes.

Gulbransen: The most liberal city in the country, I’d imagine, right?

Carmichael: Well, it would be right in there. You have Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York are all run by the district attorneys of George Soros-supported district attorneys.

But Boudin was the one in San Francisco, and his recall action was yesterday. He was beaten as of 11:00 last night, New York Post reports he was behind 60 to 40. And then somebody asked, I think Carol asked the question, what happens now?

Or somebody did. And the answer – I pulled up an article and the mayor now appoints the successor. Now, Mayor London Breed is a very left-wing person herself.

But it’ll be interesting, from a political standpoint, whether or not she picks someone who is as soft on crime as Boudin or whether or not she picks somebody who’s tough on crime, because I think she plans to run for re-election.

And this election will probably be the most important decision that she makes, because if she makes the wrong decision, then crime isn’t going to get any better in San Francisco.

Swain: Do we know if she has a choice among potential appointees?

Carmichael: Yes. I’m reading from the article here that after 10 days, the board of supervisor certifies the results. At that point, I’m quoting here, “A successor chosen by Mayor London Breed will assume office.” So it’s not from a slate. It’s her choice.

Swain: But if it’s San Francisco and she’s looking at the potential people to appoint, do you think there’s someone that’s conservative that would actually be better?

Carmichael: Well, yes, absolutely. One of the things he did when he got into office was he fired a bunch of career prosecutors who were actually quite good in terms of defending citizens against criminals.

So she needs to pick somebody who’s going to be tough on criminals. And there are people in San Francisco who will absolutely do that.

Swain: Maybe some of the people who led the campaign already have a nominee in mind.

Carmichael: All they did was lead a campaign to get enough voters to sign a petition to allow for the recall. Now [George] Gascón, who is the D.A. in Los Angeles, is equally bad and maybe even worse, they’re trying to get … they’re 70,000 signatures short, but they still have a month to get them.

And this was where that video came out of that 16-year-old boy who had stolen a car, who had been released from prison by Gascón, from juvey.

He then goes and steals a car, and he purposely tries to run over a woman pushing a baby with a stroller. And she was able to lift the stroller up off the ground. She got hit.

She flipped up in the air, but she turned out to be physically okay. Her baby was okay. And then a pickup truck driver was driving in the opposite direction.

He saw what this teenager did and he rammed his truck into that teenager’s car and stopped him. That’s how they were able to arrest him and identify who it was. And now Gascón is having to explain why he let this person out of prison as he has so many other criminals.

And so my guess is that he will also be recalled. And then if you take money from George Soros from here on, and you’re running for any public office, then that ought to be a campaign issue. Because George Soros, I don’t know what it is, but he has a way of making billions of dollars trading commodities. I understand that. But the way his mind works is just terrible.

Gulbransen: The evil that he’s done in the world, right? It’s funny. He is our bogeyman and he justifiably shows, and I said ours, I mean, the conservatives, because he’s done some horrible things.

But the truly terrifying thing, it’s not like he does it, in my opinion, out of the goodness of his heart. And his worldview is warped and he’s just wrong.

All of his actions end up with him making much more money. So we hear with all these crazy things that he’s doing, it seems nonsensical.

He’s destabilizing here. He’s getting all these horrible prosecutors elected. They all fit together to make him more money. Otherwise the man would have run out of money by now.

Swain: He hates the West, and the U.S. in particular, and he’s an old man. And so with someone his age, you can think, well, this man is not going to live forever. But I understand he has a son.

Gulbransen: He does.

Swain: And his son shares his ideology. And so he would carry it forth, unless …

Carmichael: And I’m sure both he and his son have a significant security detail armed with, frankly, probably with automatic weapons.

Swain: Of course.

Carmichael: They can literally, in the truest sense of the word, they can afford to be safe.

Swain: Now, the woman that was struck by the car, and she lifted up the stroller and saved her baby, and she slipped over the car, she was on Tucker last night and she said that I believe her parents were Republicans …

Carmichael: She voted for Biden.

Swain: And she also voted for the liberal D.A.

Carmichael: Oh, really?

Swain: Yes. And you look at what happened to her. That was a miracle. And like this person, she did go on Fox, but you would think that’s that she would be, hopefully, impacted by the fact that she could have easily been killed, and her baby. It was a miracle that she was not injured.

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