Jake Evans, Vernon Jones Among a Growing Group Calling for Closed Primary Voting System in Georgia

Jake Evans, the Trump-endorsed candidate in the Republican primary runoff election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, on Wednesday criticized the Peach State’s open primary system and called for a closed primary voting process.

“Our open primary system allows for partisans to sabotage the primaries of their political opponents,” Evans said in a statement sent to supporters.

Evans contended that an open primary system does not allow parties to accurately nominate the candidate of their choice.

“Partisan primaries are intended to allow the two major parties to nominate the candidate that best reflects the views of party members or who has the best chance to win. Our system subverts that principle, and I will fight to see it changed,” Evans said.

Georgia’s open primary system has been a hot topic of discussion among many since the May 24th election. Atlanta Tea Party President Debbie Dooley criticized the system and created a petition that demands a change to a closed primary electoral system.

“Join me in supporting this important cause. Make Georgia a Closed Primary State. We need to push GOP legislators to change Georgia law to end the open primary system,” Dooley tweeted shortly after Primary Election Day in May.

Congressional hopeful Vernon Jones also criticized the state’s current electoral system.

“Tens of thousands of Democrats in Georgia crossed over to sway the Republican Primary. In 2014, my RINO opponent encouraged this very practice to in a failed attempt save his America Last campaign. Shameful,” Jones said. The former Democrat is running to represent the people of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Georgia House District 98 Representative David Clark and State Senator-elect Colton Moore stood with Vernon Jones recently when he called for an open primary system in Georgia and their intent to prevent crossover voting in the future.

“Representative David Clark and I plan to introduce legislation all in the name of election integrity. I hope this can be a bi-partisan issue,” said Moore.

A geopolitical analyst contended that the 2022 gubernatorial and secretary of state primary elections were decided by Democrats.

This [crossover voting] was sponsored by Adam Kinzinger to crush America First candidates. So, effectively, Brian [Kemp] and Brad [Raffensperger] were selected by Democrats.” media commentator Monica Matthews said.

Vernon Jones implied that Republicans who need Democrat votes should run on a different party ticket.

“If you can’t win a Republican primary with Republican votes, you shouldn’t be a Republican. Period,” Jones said.

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Photo “People Voting” by Phil Roeder. CC BY 2.0.


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