Tennessee Supreme Court Will Not Hear Oral Arguments in Starbuck Case, Will Decide Based on Briefs Only

The Tennessee Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments in its expedited review of the Robert Starbuck Newsom v. Tennessee Republican Party Et Al. case.

According to the case status website, a deputy clerk, and the press officer for the Tennessee Courts System, the case will be decided on briefs only.

According to a deputy clerk, the court is actively reviewing the Tennessee Republican Party’s appeal and all briefs filed in the case.

Once the Tennessee Supreme Court makes its decision, it is written up. The parties in the case are notified and the result is posted on the website.

The Tennessee Star previously reported, Starbuck’s legal team filed its last required brief on Thursday morning with the State Supreme Court to the state of Tennessee’s petition filing which seeks to have Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins’ order adding him to the ballot overturned.

It appears that the Thursday filing is the last filing the court wanted before starting to consider the case in full.

Starbuck’s team argued in that filing that the state of Tennessee’s “Petition should also be denied because it is doubtful that this Court has jurisdiction to grant such a petition.”

A decision on the full case is expected at any time, which will likely be the final legal act to determine whether or not Starbuck is on the August 4 Republican primary ballot for TN-5.

The Star previously reported the Tennessee Supreme Court struck down a temporary injunction in April issued by a three-judge panel that would have mandated drawing new State Senate districts.

One of the judges on the panel that got overruled was Perkins, who originally ruled in favor of Starbuck.

The Tennessee Supreme Court, according to a staffer in the administrative office, ruled on briefs only in that case as well.

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