National Gas Price Average Hits $5 per Gallon

The average price for a gallon of gas nationwide has reached the the $5 threshold, according to Thursday reports.

“According to GasBuddy, the national average has reached $5 per gallon,” said GasBuddy’s Patrick De Haan.

GasBuddy analyzes fuel prices and helps consumers find the cheapest gas prices near them via a mobile application.

De Haan did not return a Thursday comment request.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) says that the average price for a gallon of gas Thursday is $4.97 nationwide, three cents shy of the landmark $5 per gallon, but still the highest ever recorded in United States history.

In America’s Southeast, gas prices have reached all-time highs, but remain relatively low compared to the national average.

The price at the pump Thursday in Tennessee was $4.62, up from $4.35 just one week ago.

In Georgia, a gallon of gas cost $4.40, up from $4.19 a week ago.

In the Midwest, prices per gallon are a bit higher.

The average cost of a gallon of gas in Ohio Thursday was $5.06, up from $4.75 at the same time last week.

The western United States has been hit particularly hard by the sharp rise in prices, which have steadily increased since the beginning of President Joe Biden’s tenure in office.

In Arizona, a gallon of gas was $5.26 per gallon Thursday, a 22-cent jump from just a week ago.

The highest gas prices in the nation are in California, clocking in at an average of $6.40 per gallon.

Many are wondering when Americans will begin to see relief at the pump, but experts on the subject remain unsure.

“We cannot predict when we will see a decrease in gas prices,” Montrae Waiters, a spokeswoman for AAA told The Star News Network earlier this week. “At this point, it’s just a wait-and-see.”

Waiters did offer some tips on saving money at the pump, like enrolling in fuel sales programs, and performing regular maintenance on vehicles in order to ensure optimum gas mileage.

While gas prices were steadily rising before February, they have seen a sharp rise since war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

About three percent of America’s crude oil was imported from Russia prior to the war.

President Joe Biden’s administration also shut down potential sources of American energy independence, like oil drilling sites in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, and the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “High Gas Prices” by Chris Yarzab. CC BY 2.0.





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2 Thoughts to “National Gas Price Average Hits $5 per Gallon”

  1. Steve Allen

    As the liberals who stole the election continue their march to completely destroy our economy, as usual, those who they claim to be concerned about the most..”the little guy”, continues to suffer the most.

    Where I live there are numerous places for people to fish, along rivers and at public fishing accesses. Over the last month or so there has been a noticeable lack of people fishing. The people who fish do so for subsistence. I am assuming that they now cannot afford the gas to go fishing.

    For the democrats to do this to force their green agenda on America is unconscionable. As Biden admitted, they are attempting to force people to stop using “dirty fossil fuel” and jump on the renewable band wagon. These people will stop at nothing to ruin our standard of living so we can be forced to live under the yoke of the Great Reset.

    1. Cannoneer2

      By not reducing the gas tax here in Tennessee, Bill Lee is forcing the Roadbuilder Agenda on me. Except that TDOT won’t get off its fat behind and do ANYTHING in my corner of Wilson County!