Ohio Attorney General David Yost Attending NAAG Globalist London Retreat on Taxpayer Dime

David Yost, the Republican attorney general of Ohio, is on the participant list of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) globalist retreat to London, The Ohio Star has learned.

Along with Yost, the attorneys general of Idaho, Vermont, Nebraska, Hawaii, and Mississippi are scheduled to attend on the dimes of their respective taxpayers.

The Star has additionally learned that NAAG president, Democrat Iowa Attorney General Thomas Miller, was originally scheduled to attend, but has since canceled his plans.

As a source with knowledge of the NAAG’s operations previously told The Star, “The NAAG continues its drift leftward, hoovers up taxpayer money, and here they are going on junkets that they are hiding the funding source of. Anyone defending the NAAG is defending their practices.”

Previously reported, “The NAAG Leadership Institute: London is an annual retreat that provides a confidential environment for attorneys general to build and nurture relationships studying foundational democratic and rule-of law principles while discussing the responsibilities of public leadership.”

“With the goal of strengthening the ties that bind state attorneys general as leaders and colleagues, the London Institute will bring together a bipartisan group of 6 attorneys general annually to study and discuss the institution of state attorney general and our democratic system in a safe, confidential environment,” the email said.

Some of the topics of conversation, according to the document, include “vexing issues currently facing elected leaders including polarization, partisanship, and distrust of government.”

“Devoted to nurturing the long-standing esprit de corps among state attorneys general, the London Institute will offer an inspiring and transformative experience to empower attorneys general in their mutual commitment to collectively serve and protect the public interest,” concludes that portion of the email.

The London experience is scheduled to occur from June 25 through July 2, 2022.

Yost’s participation is puzzling, especially given that the attorneys general of Texas, Montana, and Missouri announced in a letter to NAAG’s president that their states were exiting the organization due to its left-wing bias.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in that withdrawal letter, “While we have been a driving force for NAAG’s success – both financially and on key issues – the Association’s leftward shift over the past half-decade has been intolerable.”

“Indeed, this liberal bent has fundamentally undermined NAAG’s role as a ‘nonpartisan national forum’ that ‘provides a community … to collaboratively address’ important issues,” he continued. “We can no longer spend our taxpayers’ money to sustain our membership with NAAG under these circumstances.”

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Photo “Dave Yost” by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. Background Photo “The Shard London” by Dronepicr. CC BY 3.0.

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