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3 Thoughts to “Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson Explains School Choice Decision and Governor Lee’s School Safety Executive Order”

  1. 83ragtop50

    I am not a Johson fan but I do not live in his district. However, as a party “leader” he affects me directly. Of course, he may reflect the deteriorating culture in Williamson County.

    I consider Lee’s executive order to be unnecessary and done for as a show. His cure is always to throw more money at a problem. How many more millions (billions?) is he going to waste on redundant and often ineffective school measures?

    As a side note: I just heard that Nashville Public Schools leader, Battle, got her contract extended for another 4 years. I suppose the liberal nuts in Nashville just love their failing schools. One cannot make this stuff up!

  2. Aries9899

    Jack is toast for my vote this year. Once he was pro gas tax increase I wrote him off. Both he and my Rep Whitson were gung ho for the gas tax. How they justified it with a $2 billion surplus in 2017 I don’t know. I do find it oddly coincidental that Jack’s wife Deanna just happened to receive a judgeship from Gov Haslam around that time.

  3. Nancy

    Senator Johnson, Thank you for supporting the voucher program! How about supporting legislation where public schools have to open their sports program to Charter and Private schools?