Tennessee U.S. Representatives John Rose and Tim Burchett Continue to Criticize Biden over Inflation

Tennessee Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives John Rose (R-TN-06) and Tim Burchett (R-TN-02) continued their criticism on Wednesday of the Biden administration’s role in the current inflation crisis, dubbed in some circles as “Bidenflation.”

Rose tweeted, “Inflation is taxation – especially when it’s being fueled by reckless spending. The Biden Administration inherited one of the strongest economic recoveries of my life. It took fewer than two years for them to mess it up.”

In his tweet, Burchett said, “Inflation is up 8.6% this month, and gas prices are up 106% from when President Biden took office. Americans know this is a result of the president’s reckless spending, and they aren’t buying his attempts to dodge the blame.”

Burchett additionally went on Newsmax and said, “I think we’re on a downward spiral and that’s unfortunate. It’s going to show well at the ballot box but you’re going to hurt Americans up to that point.”

“The Consumer Price Index is up 8.6 percent over the last 12 months and that’s the highest it’s been since December of ’81,” he pointed out.

“Americans, you know, we’re paying more for just about everything because of inflation and Biden, of course, he claims he inherited an economy on the brink of a recession. I think that’s a total lie – American public’s not buying that,” he said.

“I mean, daggum, fuel is up 106 percent. When he took office, I think it was around $2.42 a gallon. Now the average is up over $5 a gallon. We’re hurting,” Burchett exclaimed.

Burchett was asked if he thought the Biden administration would bring up increasing oil production during the announced trip that includes Saudi Arabia.

“Of course he says he’s not, but he has to. He knows he has to. He knows his plan has worked all too well – when he told Bernie Sanders during the debate that he was going to raise gas to $5, $6, $7 a gallon to drive people away from it, to drive more towards his precious electric vehicles,” he said.

“And you know, the sad truth is he’s putting Americans out of work,” he added. “We ought to be turning the spigot back on here in this country, turning to oil production, and now he’s going to our sometimes-enemies over in the Middle East and begging them to bail us out.”

“The most powerful nation on the face of God’s green Earth – and we’re over glad-handing with our enemies. That is ridiculous,” Burchett emphasized.

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Photo “John Rose” by John Rose. 



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