California Pet Store Bans Second Amendment Supporters from Adopting Pets

by Eric Lendrum


A pet store in California is facing intense backlash after announcing it would not allow any supporters of the Second Amendment to adopt animals from their shop.

Fox News reports that Shelter Hope Pet Shop, in Thousand Oaks, released a statement on their website declaring that “we do not support those who believe that the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons.”

“If your beliefs are not in line with ours,” the statement continues, “we will not adopt a pet to you.”

Previously, the store, which describes itself as “a fun, friendly place where visitors and volunteers can meet and interact” with animals who have been abandoned, had listed only two requirements for adopting a pet: Applicants must be at least 25 years old, and must be able to drive.

The owner of the store, Kim Sills, has been fiercely anti-gun ever since her sister was shot and killed by her own husband. Sill also claims to have encountered the man who later committed the Thousand Oaks shooting in 2018, when he allegedly scoped out the pet shop as a possible target for his rampage; he ultimately targeted a nearby Borderline Bar and Grill instead, killing 12 and injuring 16.

The shop went even further in their anti-gun declaration, claiming that they would sue anyone who lies about their pro-Second Amendment stance on their application.

“If you lie about being an NRA supporter,” the store threatened, “make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud.”

Sill claimed that, after releasing the statement, the company inbox was flooded with “thousands” of emails denouncing the blatant discrimination against Second Amendment supporters. As a result of the backlash, the store’s website went offline on Tuesday, and Sill has not released any further statements.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness. 




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