Andy Ogles Wins TN-5 Straw Poll with over 81 Percent of the Vote at Davidson County GOP Candidates Debate

MADISON, Tennessee – Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles won another straw poll with over 81 percent of the vote at a Davidson County Republican Party debate for the candidates.

In addition to Ogles, Stewart Parks and Timothy Lee participated in the debate.

The Tennessee Star’s Editor-in-Chief Michael Patrick Leahy served as the moderator.

Ogles spoke with The Star after the straw poll. Candidates who participated in the debate all made a donation to the Davidson County Republican Party to further the efforts of electing Republicans to the school board in the county.

“It’s an honor to be here. The significance of this debate is that the money that we helped raise supports local candidates. We saw during COVID that it matters who is on the school board. These monies are going to go toward helping elect conservatives to the school board who will fight for our children,” said Ogles.

“I think this is my fourth straw poll victory and it’s an honor. We’re out working hard every day knocking doors and meeting people. That’s why I won mayor. Being mayor was my first time in office and I look forward to serve in Congress,” he added.

A total of 43 individuals cast votes in the straw poll. Ogles received 35 votes. Parks came in second place with 6 votes. Lee received one vote.

One person wrote “other” on their ballot.

Leahy welcomed the attendees to the event and introduced Davidson County GOP Chair Jim Garrett who thanked the enthusiastic crowd for attending.

That was followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States, a staple at all Republican gatherings in the state of Tennessee.

Then they got to the business of the debate, which was very cordial amongst the candidates and the moderator.

The candidates spoke and answered questions in alphabetical order, with Lee going first, Ogles going second, and Parks going last.

The three candidates did not appear to disagree on much as they responded to Leahy’s questions.

Lee, a paramedic, said, “I’m always honest with you. I’m honest with my patients and I truly love this country. I love the state of Tennessee. That is the reason I am running.”

Ogles said as part of his closing remarks, “Courage is contagious. So when I took a stand and said no, we’re not going to comply in Maury County with the mandates. When OSHA came in and tried to force employers in Maury County, I said we will not comply.”

Parks ripped into the woke culture, saying, “Transgender, nobody knows what gender we are any more.”

The GlockStore was a sponsor of the forum.

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitterTruth Social, and Parler.
Photos courtesy of Bart Smith/The Davidson County Republican Party; and Daniel Jones.



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5 Thoughts to “Andy Ogles Wins TN-5 Straw Poll with over 81 Percent of the Vote at Davidson County GOP Candidates Debate”

  1. Laurie Kelly

    Anyone who makes General is a company man. If elected, expect Winstead to follow the establishment’s lead on all policy – even if it is bad for America or TN.

    I think Ogles is the best candidate for TN05.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      Of course, you’re absolutely correct Laurie. But insofar as you are we conservatives are setting ourselves up for a potentially heartbreaking situation. Andy has thus far run a shambolic campaign. At this rate he will absolutely NOT be our next U.S. Congressman. I hope you agree that between Beth Harwell (ACU-86%) and General Weathervane Beth is the far superior candidate for conservatives. Now what do we do in this non-runoff state if Andy continues to run a shambolic campaign so that there is clear and present danger that he will only succeed in pulling enough conservative votes away from Beth so that we are stuck with the good General? REMEMBER 2006 AND TWELVE YEARS OF CORKER (Heritage-63%)!

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Yessissree, Andy Ogles has got these debates/straw polls attended by maybe a hundred or two or three hundred political activists knocked! Problem is there are about 650,000 residents in a congressional district and a little over three weeks to go to early voting and no one I speak to outside of fellow political junkies ever heard of Andy Ogles. All the other candidates with any chance of winning are running media ads and having big fundraisers and Andy is emphasizing straw polls with the other “No Chance” candidates.

    OK conservatives, lets give him to the end of this month when there will be two weeks left before early voting at which time if Andy continues to run a “No Chance” campaign I suggest we pivot from “Elect Andy” mode to “Defeat General Weathervane.”

  3. 83ragtop50

    Sure hope that Ogles carries the election. We need as many real conservatives in the swamp as we can get.

  4. P

    Andy Ogles will be Tennessee’s next governor.